Glasshouse Hosts: Where is My Mind?

Glasshouse Hosts: Where is My Mind?

Introducing Silvy Vignola: BSc Herbal Medicine for the first in our workshop series

Where is My Mind: Touching into the Nervous System

25th October at 6pm - £20

For tickets: / 020 8533 4206

You can expect:
  • An explorative talk and Q&A with Medicinal Herbalist Silvy
  • A tasting of medicinal teas brewed with local herbs and plants
  • Practical and achievable everyday advice and herbal remedies for supporting your own nervous system this winter
  • A lesson in making your own supportive tinctures
  • A complimentary herbal tincture to begin your own journey

Read more about Silvy and The Herbal One in our interview on Glasshouse Journal

Silvy is a medical herbalist who holds a first in BSc Herbal Medicine. She has worked with traditional folk healers in rural communities across the world, all of whom have contributed greatly to her body of knowledge and understanding of different healing systems. This knowledge is reflected in her medicinal practice, The Herbal One, where she combines the tradition of Western Herbalism with a multitude of folk practices. Silvy’s work is rooted in the concept “Plant medicine is the people’s medicine”, and she works closely with clients to empower them to reach optimum health, which is inherently different for each person.

Glasshouse will be launching The Herbal One’s flagship tinctures alongside The Herbal One’s workshop on 25th October.

Image: The Herbal One
Image: The Herbal One

Solar Power

For: The busy and overwhelmed, tired students, anyone who needs to improve brain function and needs a boost.

What: In a culture that just wants you to keep going, say yes to your self without the burn out! Solar Power is a supportive tonic, designed to offer a boost and encourage your optimal cognitive function. Gingko and Rosemary improve circulation to the brain, Siberian Ginseng strengthens the immune system and Rhodiola is an adaptive herb which supports cognitive function. Take as part of your morning routine to set you up for busy days.

When: Take 20-40 drops with water at the start of your day

Image: The Herbal One
Image: The Herbal One

Moon Beams

For: Reluctant night owls, weary insomniacs, and anxious individuals

What: Moon Beams is a soothing tonic, designed to calm the mind and body before sleep. Chamomile and Oat encourage sleep, Lemon Balmreleases tension, whilst Passion Flower and Skullcap ease repetitive anxious thoughts. Take before bed to de-stress and bring on a good night’s sleep.

When:Take 20-40 drops with water at the end of your day, or take 10-20 drops throughout the day to ease anxieties

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