Products + Ethos

Glasshouse takes care to approach our hair, beauty and wellbeing needs with high regard to the environment and its people.

Our aim is to create a nourishing space that enhances a sense of conscious beauty and self-care. Our services have been developed with care and craft, founded on a belief that beauty and wellbeing is elevated with the support of our physical and emotional selves.

We bring together experts in the fields of hair, wellbeing, spirituality and skincare that work to nourish and support the mind and body as one. Our products and practices align with this belief, and we have sourced what we believe to be the cleanest and greenest brands available, from our hair colour, the drinks we serve, to the cleaning products we use. We consider every brand from an environmental and ethical perspective, ensuring they are sustainably packaged, made and sourced, non-animal tested and wherever possible use fair trade, natural and organic ingredients.

Our Products

Alongside our own growing range of Glasshouse products, we stock a selection of independent, natural and organic beauty brands in the salon and online. Encompassing every aspect of your natural beauty routine and lifestyle, we’ve sourced over 50 independent brands offering the most unique and effective products. These include green beauty brands such as Organic Colour Systems, OWAY, RMS Beauty, Ilia, Austin Austin and Sans [Ceuticals] and many more. These mirror our ethos of functionality, sustainability and high performance.

Organic Colour Systems

Our stylists are experts in the Organic Colour Systems product range, which are manufactured using sustainable methods in the New Forest, Hampshire. Formulated with Soil Association certified organic ingredients such as vitamin B5, orange peel, aloe vera and quinoa protein, our colour, care and styling products nourish your hair naturally.

Our Space

The Glasshouse interior was designed by Industrial Designer Tim Rundle and executed by Studio Hako, encapsulating our eco-conscious philosophy both aesthetically and ethically. Each element has been designed using sustainable methods focusing on natural materials, simplicity and practicality. Our tactile walls have been finished with a dolomite plaster from Danish brand St Leo, which has been awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, one of the highest sustainability certificates available. Our welcome desk is made from an earthy wood-chipped Terrazzo utilising building byproducts. The salon’s table surfaces have been cut from panels made out of recycled plastic reclaimed from appliances and our coffee tables have been created using the off-cuts and leftover build materials. The majority of our furniture has been sourced from vintage dealers as well as conscientious designers, such as our Danish station chairs made from 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene.

Gender Neutral

We are a gender neutral salon, with no differentiation between women’s and men’s prices. Not only do we believe this is a modern approach to hairdressing, but an honest one. We have and will always treat our men’s services with the same consideration and precision that we approach our women’s services with. We believe that one price for both - determined by the level of stylist, not the gender of the client - makes sense and reflects the direction of the industry.


In-line with our sustainable practices and environmental ethos, we have taken care to ensure all aspects of what we do help minimise environmental impact. Alongside this, we stock brands that believe in utilising naturally-powerful ingredients and that minimise harm to the planet and its inhabitants. All our packaging is recyclable and we are always working to come up with inventive new ways to lower our impact.

Customer Refills and Recycling

We have a selection of low and zero waste products in store and online. In order to reduce beauty packaging waste further we offer customer refills with a 10% discount for both the Organic Colour Systems and Oway shampoos and conditioners. Bottles need to be dishwasher cleaned at 60 degrees centigrade or with boiling water before they are brought in and cannot be refilled more than three times to avoid bacterial contamination. (*We are only able to refill where the label is completely legible including all required warnings and instructions. We will record the product’s batch number on your client card.)

Cruelty Free

None of our products are ever tested on animals and the vast majority are suitable for vegans - with the exception of a small number of products that contain either beeswax or a milk or honey derivative, which are referenced in our online shop. The Organic Colour Systems colour is 100% vegan and certified by both PETA and Choose Cruelty Free and 92% of their haircare range is vegan.