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Hair & Scalp Treatments

  • Protein Booster (with service) £5
  • Reconstructive Treatment (with service) £15-£20
  • Reconstructive Treatment + Blow Dry From £75
  • Detoxifying Scalp Treatment (with service) £20
  • Bespoke Scalp Treatment - Soothing, Rebalancing or Purifying (with service) £30
  • Bespoke Scalp Treatment and Scalp Examination (with service) £50
  • Prescriptive Hair Loss Treatment (course of 6) £TBC on consultation

To find out more about our Scalp Treatments click here.

Cutting & Styling

Cut & Blow Dry (Gender Neutral)

  • Stylist £75
  • Senior Stylist £90
  • Creative Director £100
  • Director £110

  • Blow Dry From £60
  • Occasion styling From £100/hr


All colour services requires a patch test carried out at least 48 hours prior to the appointment.

  • Toners

  • Toner (with service) £25-£30
  • Toner + Blow Dry From £90

  • Highlights/Balayage


  • Face Brightening £115
  • Short £160
  • Medium £170-£185
  • Long/Thick £185-£200

Senior Stylist

  • Face Brightening £130
  • Short £180
  • Medium £195-£205
  • Long/Thick £205-£230

Creative Director

  • Face Brightening £140
  • Short £195
  • Medium £210-£220
  • Long/Thick £220-£255


  • Face Brightening £145
  • Short £205
  • Medium £225-£240
  • Long/Thick £240-£275

  • Toner £25-£30



  • Short £85-£90
  • Medium £90-£95
  • Long/Thick £95

Senior Stylist

  • Short £95-£100
  • Medium £100-105
  • Long/Thick £105

Creative Director

  • Short £105-£110
  • Medium £110-£115
  • Long/Thick £115


  • Short £110-£115
  • Medium £115-£125
  • Long/Thick £125



  • Root Application From £150

Senior Stylist

  • Root Application From £170

Creative Director

  • Root Application From £180


  • Root Application From £190

  • Virgin Application Price Upon Consultation

Therapy Room

Beauty + Wellbeing

  • Energy Medicine Facial (60 / 90 minutes) £80 / £120
  • Food Sensitivity Testing & Supportive Investigative Work (60 minutes) £80
  • IM__ Bespoke Frequency Elixir (30 minutes) £45
  • Systematic Kinesiology (90 minutes) £120
  • Energy Medicine (60 / 90 minutes)
    £80 / £120

Prices are for guidance only.

Booking Policy

Please arrive on time to ensure you receive your full service. If you are running late, we will do everything we can to accommodate you. If you are over 10 minutes late, please keep in mind that we may have to reschedule your appointment.

Please note that online prices are for guidance only. Colour prices are length dependent and set on consultation. Please contact our front of house team for a consultation. All colour prices are inclusive of a complimentary blow-dry with one of our experienced salon assistants. Toners are not included. We serve a selection of complimentary organic and locally sourced teas, coffee, wine and beer to enjoy with your service.

Cancellation Policy

As a courtesy to our team we operate a strict cancellation policy. Any cancellation or rescheduling within 48 hours of your appointment will result in a 20% service fee, within 24 hours a 50% service fee, and failure to show to your appointment will result in 100% of your service fee.

Patch Test Policy

At Glasshouse Salon, we endeavour to use products with the lowest possible risk of an allergic reaction. However, it is important to note that allergies can be caused by any number of things, even natural ingredients. Because of this, it is our policy that all new colour clients and clients who haven't been to the salon for over 6 months must take part in a skin patch test prior to their appointment. These can be done at the salon, or can be sent to you via post to be carried out at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. If you fail to show an updated patch test the appointment will be cancelled.

Deposit Policy

We require a deposit for all new clients visiting the salon. This is 20% of the value of the service and will be taken upon booking and redeemed against your appointment. Please note, canceling within our 48 hour policy will result in the deposit not being refunded.

Gender Neutral

We are a gender neutral salon, with no differentiation between women’s and men’s prices. Not only do we believe this is a modern approach to hairdressing, but an honest one. We have and will always treat our men’s services with the same consideration and precision that we approach our women’s services with. We believe that one price for both - determined by the level of stylist, not the gender of the client - makes sense and reflects the direction of the industry.

Environmental Policy

Here at Glasshouse Salon we care about what’s best for you, the environment and our staff. Because of this we have sourced what we believe are the cleanest and greenest products available, from our hair colour to the drinks we serve and even the cleaning products we use. Our products are sustainably sourced, non-animal tested and wherever possible the ingredients are fair trade and organic. All our packaging is recyclable and we are always working to come up with inventive new ways to lower our carbon footprint.

We have partnered with Handle Recycling who provide a circular solution for our hard-to-recycle salon waste including our colour foils, glass, metal and plastic packaging and bottles and hair. We charge a £1 ‘green fee’ on each bill as a contribution to this sustainable service.

Recycling and Refills

We offer a refill scheme for both Organic Colour Systems and Oway shampoos and conditioners. Bring in your clean and empty bottles and we will refill it for you and give you 10% off. Please give reception a call beforehand to ensure that we have enough stock. Bottles must be dishwasher cleaned at least 60 degrees centigrade or with boiling water (not tap water), and may not be refilled more than three times to avoid bacterial contamination. We are only able to refill where the label is completely legible including all required warnings and instructions. We will record the product’s batch number on your client card.

We also have a circular system whereby you can bring your empty beauty packaging to be recycled within our innovative recycling system. We accept packaging made from all plastics, aluminium, paper and cardboard. We can also recycle make-up, toothbrushes, razors, brushes and combs. Please note we do not accept glass or wipes.