Introducing; Bespoke Plant Powered Scalp Treatments

Introducing; Bespoke Plant Powered Scalp Treatments

Introducing our new treatment menu; A range of prescriptive treatments and services that focus on hair and scalp health and wellbeing. Your stylist will guide you through the most suitable treatment to leave your scalp purified, nourished and detoxified. Harnessing the medicinal properties of natural, biodynamic and organic active ingredients to promote healthy hair growth and scalp function. 

Herbs and Clay Detoxifying Scalp Cleanser - £20

A 100% natural detoxifying cleanser that follows the phases of the moon. Herbs and Clay gently and effectively releases pollution and product build up by harnessing the medicinal properties of biodynamic savory leaves, organic horsetail, ethical amazonian pink clay and soap nut. Eliminating toxins and impurities whilst strengthening and regenerating the hair and scalp. 

With three essential oil blends to choose from, your stylist will prescribe for strengthening, relaxing or antioxidant benefits;

Strengthening; Biodynamic mint, rosemary, thyme and lemon essential oils. Formulated to assist the growth of strong and healthy hair, this blend has a toning and energising aromatherapeutic action which stimulates scalp microcirculation. It has a protective effect, preserving the hair shaft from oxidation whilst providing shine.

Relaxing; Biodynamic fennel, sage, lavender and cedar essential oils. Ideal to relax and calm sensitive skin, this blend has a soothing and rebalancing aromatherapeutic action that promotes the natural detox of the scalp whilst providing shine and vitality to the hair.

Antioxidant; Biodynamic blood orange, basil, lemon balm and bergamot essential oils. Protecting against dehydration, this blend has an uplifting, clarifying and reinvigorating aromatherapeutic action, rich in vitamin C to protect the hair against ageing. It nourishes the hair fiber deep down, providing an energising and brightening action.

This service can be added on to any cut or blow dry. 

Bespoke Scalp Treatments - £30 - £50

Your first Bespoke Scalp Treatment will be booked together with a scalp examination. Together with your stylist, you'll sit down and have an in depth consultation about your concerns while your stylist will examine your scalp with an innovative digital wireless microscope, using the results to recommend which treatment that will benefit you the most.

Soothing; A soothing, decongesting and normalising treatment for those prone to sensitive or irritated skin. A healing and therapeutic blend of fennel, aloe vera, helichrysum, amaranth, allontoin, chamomile hydrolate and teak soothe and repair —  restoring the scalp’s natural balance. Designed to reduce irritation whilst gently moisturising the scalp. 

Rebalancing; A detoxifying, balancing and anti-microbial treatment with anti-inflammatory action for those prone to oily scalps. Containing biodynamic sage, white amazonian clay, bugbane, menthol and euphrasia extract, teak and sweet almond oil. This blend works against dandruff, rebalancing sebum and calming scalp sensitivity. Provides plant-based protein reconstruction of damaged hair fibres. Stimulating and normalising skin function for a cleansed, calm and tonified scalp.

Purifying; A purifying, regenerating and regulating treatment for those prone to dry or oily dandruff. Containing an anti-microbial blend of biodynamic rosemary, nettle and burdock extracts, menthol and thyme, to gently exfoliate scalps subject to flakiness and scaling. Eliminating build-up whilst activating scalp microcirculation with a refreshing, anti-irritant action that counters dandruff and prevents its reappearance.

This service can be added on to any cut or blow dry. 

Prescriptive Hair Loss Treatment (course of 6) - Price on consultation

A densifying and hair-growth stimulating scalp treatment for hair prone to falling out due to temporary and/or long-term causes. Containing a blend of biodynamic mint, horse chesnut, teak, cedar, green coffee, densiplant, vegetal stem cells and dynagen. This concentrated treatment provides micro-stimulation of skin circulation, promotes oxygenation to the scalp and increases strength and resistance of the hair, gently cleansing and stimulating the scalp to prevent hair loss. 

This treatment comes with a longer and more in depth consultation where you'll sit down and go over your concerns and hair loss history while your stylist examines your scalp with an innovative digital wireless microscope. You will go over your current hair routine and other circumstances that can impact the reason for hair loss. Together you will come up with an intensive plan with a course of 6 treatments and take home products to optimise your hair-growth journey. Results will be monitored over the next 2-3 months with progress pictures and follow up consultations. 

Recommended for intensive use; comes in a package of six treatments, with continued at home treatments using micro stimulating hair products as part of your self-care regimen. You will receive 10% off supplementary take home products as part of the treatment package. This service can only be booked following consultation with a stylist. Book your consultation online or contact our front of house team for more information.

You can book in online or by calling us on 0208 533 4206.