Therapy Room

Our therapy room is a space to find a grounding sense of calm, harnessing the power of plants and nature to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. We have developed our treatment offering to make them applicable to the ever-evolving world of beauty, wellness and skincare.

The Therapy Room

Glasshouse Therapy Room embodies our belief that wellbeing exists at the intersection of beauty, skincare and the support of our physical and emotional self. Bringing together experts in the fields of wellbeing, spirituality and skincare, we offer a range of intentional holistic therapies that work to nourish and support the mind and body as one. We use a combination of natural skincare, innovative facial techniques, and personalised formulas blended with specific plants that can be used as part of self-care rituals —soothing your skin whilst elevating and enhancing a sense of wellbeing.

Energy Medicine Facial (60 / 90 minutes)

An immersive inner pilgrimage of bespoke energy, touch, sound and scent to balance and restore your beauty and radiance. Harnessing nature's medicines, Olivia will intuit a prescriptive selection of natural and organically based skin-care and ‘actives’ to cleanse, clarify and tonify. Following with a soothing, lifting and sculpting lymphatic massage to release tension, stimulate natural collagen production and blood flow, whilst facilitating energy balance and flow through the subtle energy systems. Focusing on both the etheric and physical bodies and channelling restorative, healing energies to leave you and your skin feeling bright, balanced, and restored.

Food Sensitivity Testing & Supportive Investigative Work (60 minutes)

Modern lifestyles have contributed to poor nutrition, toxic load and weakened gut health. Utilising kinesiology muscle testing techniques, Olivia will investigate common food intolerances as well as therapeutic foods unique to you. Helping to gain clarity around dietary support and supplements for more optimal health.

IM__ Bespoke Frequency Elixir (30 minutes)

Using a combination of Gem-based elixirs, traditional Bach flower remedies and a herbal base, Olivia will create a powerful bespoke 20ml energy elixir to support and assist the mind, body and soul healing process. Includes a little ‘tune up’ to realign the central and governing meridians, restore equilibrium and attune the body to your new remedy.

Systematic Kinesiology (90 minutes)

Kinesiology is an in-depth restorative treatment that incorporates the whole person’s mental, physical and emotional state. Olivia will use a series of muscle testing to identify mechanical, biochemical, emotional and energetic imbalances in the body, utilising a series of prescriptive hands-on techniques to restore homeostasis and facilitate the body’s own innate healing initiatives. Includes a bespoke frequency elixir if required to take home with you.

Energy Medicine (60 / 90 minutes)

Working with the ancient healing rays of SKHM (SeKHem) and Terra Mai Reiki, Olivia will hold space for a restorative and rebalancing energy medicine treatment. Facilitating healing of the physical mind and body through the energetic field by actively cleansing, clearing and releasing dense, stagnant energy as well as unwanted attachments and offensive energies the body is ready to let go of. Creating and allowing the body space to hold lighter and higher light frequencies. Aiming to balance and realign the energetic meridian and chakra systems, as well as to restore alignment and connection to the etheric and physical bodies especially where there has been trauma. Restoring equilibrium and clarity, with the heart centred intention of leaving you feeling lighter, centred and more grounded in your body.

Olivia Crighton is a Systematic Kinesiologist, Nutritional therapist student DipCNM, SKHM & Reiki practitioner, and the founder and director of Glasshouse Salon. Drawing on her intuition & training in a range of healing modalities, she aims to support the individual using a functional medicine approach to help clients get to the root cause of their symptoms. Whether making small or big changes, Olivia believes in the body’s own healing powers, educating and empowering clients to make balanced, healthy & sustainable choices utilising the medicinal properties of food, prescriptive supplements & energy work.