Collection: IM__Frequency Medicine

IM__ Frequency Medicine —  Healing Elixirs for support of mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing.

IM_Frequency Medicine is a collection of hand blended supplementary gem and crystal essence based elixirs by Olivia Crighton, based on the 9 main chakra systems including Earth Star and Stellar Gateway. IM_ translates to 'Change in Frequency' in light language. Combining a herbal base, gemstone essences and traditional Bach flower remedies, these powerful 20ml energy elixirs support and assist the mind, body and soul healing process. 

Utilising the healing powers of nature, each bottle is lovingly guided, bathed and created under powerful full moons, equinoxes, eclipses and sunshine. Olivia Crighton is a Systematic Kinesiologist & Energy Medicine Practitioner. Drawing on her intuition & training in a range of healing modalities, she aims to support the individual using a functional medicine approach to help clients get to the root cause of their symptoms.