Who loves the sun

Who loves the sun

Who loves the sun

Who cares that it makes plants grow

Who cares what it does

Since you broke my heart

Making a drastic hair colour change can be daunting, especially when its a hue you’ve never tried before. Model and aspiring photographer Kitty made the change from fiery redhead to honey blonde earlier this week with the help of Glasshouse director and owner, Olivia. The key to a radical change is condition, ensuring that the hair can handle an intense lifting or darkening process. Glasshouse kept Kitty’s locks luscious with the help of our in-salon range, Organic Colour Systems, whose products are devoid of the usual drying chemical additives found in many commercial hair brands.

Her colour update was so glorious we called in the help of our resident fashion photographer Laura Allard Fleischl and our favourite vintage store, Lucy in Disguise for a shoot in Netil House’s chic industrial roof space.

We were delighted to work with some beautiful garments from the Soho-based vintage treasure trove! You can shop all things Lucy in Disguise online or at their central London based store.

Photography: Laura Allard Fleischl

Hair and Make-up: Olivia Crighton

Styling: Sarah Michelle Stuart

Model: Kitty Riddell