Toroscopes: May 2023

Toroscopes: May 2023

As we settle into a new month, we offer you another opportunity to gain some clarity with our in-house healer Tor. As introduced in previous editions, Tor will be using tarot to bring forward messages to the collective. Toroscopes can shed light on any area of your life from love to career to personal growth.

Before you continue scrolling, intuitively pick card 1, 2 or 3 below - there’s no need to overthink this process, simply choose whichever card resonates with you most on first glance: 

Read on to find out what each card means for the month ahead alongside a journal prompt and an additional message tailored to each individual star sign.

01: Queen of Wands.

Life: If you picked card number 01, The Queen of Wands, the message is overall one of confidence. 

Trust your intuition and ensure that you shine from within and without. 

For you, May will be a month of new opportunities and forward motion if you let it happen and don’t stand in your way. 

Love: If you are single and looking for a partner, this is a time to own who and what you are. Don’t compromise on your need, and find a partner who will honour who you are.

If you have a partner, this is a time to reassert your needs and help them understand what is important to you so that you can have a more mutual relationship.

Career: Depending on where you are in your career, this is undoubtedly a moment to ask for more because you deserve more. Don’t let anyone put you down or doubt you have the skills to complete the job. 

Personal growth: If you have forgotten, this is a moment to be reminded of how confident you actually are and everything that you have to offer.

Remember your strengths and lean even harder into cultivating them so that you can shine. 

Journaling prompt: What is holding you back from being truly confident?

02: The Fool.

Life: If you picked card number 02, The Fool, the overall message is one of Newness, fitting with the fact that we are going into spring. 

Allow yourself to be captured by this energy, and it will take you to unexpected places. 

For you, May will undoubtedly be one of change and transformation. 

Love: If you are single and looking for a partner, you might consider this a moment to choose to date the unexpected person and give a new type of person a try. You might be pleasantly surprised.

If you have a partner, this is a moment to go on that date night or try out something new together to bring some energy back into the relationship.

Career: With this card, your career, in some shape or form, will take an unexpected positive turn. You might find it a bit unnerving at first, but the card is asking you to jump in with both feet.

Personal growth: If your life has become stagnant and too routine-based, the card is asking you to shake things up and try out some new. Perhaps a new exercise routine or night-out experience you have not tried before? 

Journaling prompt: How will you make the most of this new powerful energy around you? 

03: Queen of Chalices.

Life: If you picked card number 03, The Queen of Cups, the overall message is one of peace, purpose and nurturing.

For May, you are being asked to take stock of where you are in life, get rid of what does not serve you any longer to start or with a clean slate going into summer. 

Love: If you are single and looking for a partner, you must ensure you are going out with someone emotionally available and have a nursing character.

If you have a partner, this is a moment to give them some extra love and ensure they know that you are there for them. If this is what you need, then ask for it. 

Career: If your work-life balance has got out of hand, this is the moment to ask yourself if you have the balance correct and if your current career is serving your purpose in life. If not, then this is a moment to either find ways for it to serve your purpose or maybe find something new.

Personal growthLife is incredibly short; ensure that you spend most of your time with people who want to see you grow and prosper and do not get jealous of your success. 

Journaling prompt: What can you let go of in order to flourish?

In addition to the collective reading, Tor has added spiritual guidance for each star sign using the Tarot.

Aries: Justice 

Aries, you have a righteous nature, and as that shows up over the next month, continuously check in with yourself to see if you are on the right side of a discussion or argument. 

Taurus: The Chariot 

Taurus, you are a protector at heart. Over the next month, stand up for the underdog and let your kindness show through. 

Gemini: Judgement

Gemini, sometimes you can forget that your actions have consequences. Over the next month, think twice before you choose. 

Cancer: Page of Chalices 

Cancer, you are a generous giver and kind at heart; for the next month, ensure you look after yourself as much as others. 

Leo: Two of Wands

Leo, when you are in the right mood, you are a positive force of nature. Use this month to reflect on your goals and where you want to head next. 

Virgo: The Magician 

Virgo, you are very capable of overseeing significant changes either at work or at home. Over the next month, you are asked to step into this power and take charge. 

Libra: The King of Swords

Libra, you can have an indecisive nature. Over the next month, you will be asked to trust your intellect more to make faster and sound decisions. 

Scorpio: Ten of Swords

Scorpio, you have great depths in terms of your emotional landscape. Over the next month, ensure you don’t get lost in it. 

Sagittarius: Ten of Cups

Sagittarius, you like to have fun. Over the next month, let yourself indulge in everything in life you find pleasure in. 

Capricorn: Six of Swords

Capricorn, you have a grounded nature, and over the next month, you will find that you are going to be taken out of your comfort zone. Embrace it.

Aquarius: Nine of Swords

Aquarius, you have a very independent mind and do not take it easy on people trying to manipulate you. Over the next month, allow yourself to remain open to many points of view whilst remaining authentic. 

Pisces: Knight of Pentacles 

Pisces, you can sometimes act from a place of not being enough. This is a reminder that you are and remember that over the next month.

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