Toroscopes March 2023

Toroscopes March 2023

We are excited to introduce a brand new segment to the journal, lead by our in-house healer Tor. Aptly named Toroscopes, Tor will be using tarot to bring forward messages to the collective. Toroscopes can shed light on any area of your life from love to career to personal growth.

Before you continue scrolling, intuitively pick card 1, 2 or 3 below - there’s no need to overthink this process, simply choose whichever card resonates with you most on first glance:

Read on to find out what each card means for the month ahead alongside a journal prompt and an additional message tailored to each individual star sign.

01: Eight of Cups.

On the eight cups, a person is hiding behind a palm tree; there is a stream of water next to the palm tree, four cups are standing upright, and the last four are on their side.

The overall feeling of the card is someone who wants to escape all the noise and retreat. It seems to us that there have been many recurring emotional triggers around you, and you may have felt called to take some time out.

This is an invitation from the guides to book that time for yourself. You may even have been considering a holiday or a retreat recently.

Your emotional wellbeing needs some time out to find a way back to centre.

As well as taking an extended time out, remember to practice bringing yourself back to centre daily with meditation.

Journaling prompt: What are you assuming which is stopping you from taking time out?

02: Six of Cups.

On the six cups, two people enjoy each other’s company sitting on soft cushions, and the primary colour is red. All six cups are facing upwards.

The overall feeling of this card is one of pleasure and indulgence. The guides say you are stepping into a period of more ease and flow than before. The energies have been and will be shifting into a space of more softness and groundedness.

If your mind has been wandering beyond the physical, this is the time to bring it back to the physical world and enjoy the pleasure of the earthly realm.

You can nurture a sense of groundedness by going inwards with meditation.

Journaling prompt: What are you assuming which is stopping you from enjoying yourself?

03: The Magician.

On the magician card, a mythical character is sitting in a warrior pose, floating on water with his hand raised in front of him, and the signs of all four suits are hovering around him. He is confident in himself and he trusts in the flow of the universe.

The overall feeling of this card is one of magic and creation. If you have been considering applying for a promotion, a new job or starting a new project, this is your sign from Spirit that it is the right time to do so.

Trust that you have all the skills you need and that it is divinely guided.

Journaling prompt: What are you assuming which is stopping you from trusting your divine guidance?

Zodiac guidance: In addition to the collective reading, Tor has added spiritual guidance for each star sign using the Tarot.

Aries - The Hierophant

Ensure that you trust yourself and do not allow cultural and social conditioning to guide your choices. Look inwards to access your spiritual guidance.

Taurus - Ten Swords

Remember that you can shift your negative perspective. There is always a solution to a problem, and it often sits within shifting your perspective.

This is a sign to do so.

Gemini - Five Cups

You do not have to carry the world on your shoulders. You can let certain responsibilities go. Learn to delegate and let go.

Cancer - Three Coins

A new opportunity is coming your way. Embrace it with open arms, and do not hesitate. Allow it to lift you up. You deserve positivity in your life.

Leo - Five Coins

Self-pity is not a good colour for you. An exciting opportunity fell through, which will happen from time to time. Use this as a moment for self-reflection and pick yourself up to move forward towards the next opportunity.

Virgo - Four Cups

Take some time to rest and recover. No one can always be open to giving respite to others. This is a moment to look after your self-care.

Libra - Page of Swords

What is in the past no longer exists and does not need to define your future. Ensure that you let go of any old memories you are holding onto so that you can move into the next phase of your life with a sense of newfound purpose.

Scorpio - Queen of Wands

You are in a moment of high creativity; use this energy to move any old and new projects forward.

Sagittarius - Seven Cups

You are a lover of freedom and spending your time the way you want to. Nurture this within you. Indulge in being yourself.

Capricorn - Ace of Wands

You have been craving to use your creativity, and your call has been heard. A pleasant opportunity to exercise your creativity will come your way soon.

Aquarius - Page of Swords

Sometimes, our inner demons can get the better of us. Let go of any forms of self-doubt; this is not a time to let them guide you because you have a greater purpose that will become apparent.

Pisces - King of Swords

Your emotions can often get the better of you. Try to approach them with a level head, logic and reason.

For further insight you can book in for a one to one session with Tor in our new therapy room by clicking here.