The Glasshouse Guide to Concealer

The Glasshouse Guide to Concealer

In the world of natural beauty, concealer can be a polarising subject. Anyone familiar with our ethos knows we’re firmly in the ‘less is more’ camp, and don’t think you should feel the need to cover up what others might perceive as imperfections. But sometimes we look tired, sometimes we have a blemish and sometimes we just feel like wearing concealer, dammit! The trick to keeping cake-face at bay is knowing which formula works best on what area, and how to counteract your specific concern in the most natural-looking way possible.

Under-eye shadows

For days when a couple of double espressos isn’t quite enough to eradicate the visible traces of a bad night’s sleep, brightening the area underneath the eyes is a quick and easy way to instantly look more fresh and awake. Firstly, applying a peach-toned concealer will significantly reduce dark circles - why? Because peach counteracts blue, violet and grey on the skin. Circle/Delete concealer from Jane Iredale in shade 2 is a peach concealer specially formulated for under-eye shadows, and also contains green-tea extract and avocado oil to soothe, calm and protect.

When it comes to the delicate skin under the eye, you’ll want to be very gentle with application. Using your third-finger or a brush, gentle press or dab the product onto the skin to blend it rather than rubbing or smearing from side to side, which will stretch the skin.

Another concealer we love which is very brightening is the Active Light concealer, also from Jane Iredale. This concealer is very similar to a certain iconic under-eye brightening concealer (we’re sure you know the one), but with much more natural ingredients. It can be worn on top of a peach concealer or on its own, and is very light-reflective so a little goes a long way. A brightening concealer like this one is especially good on deep-set eyes and works to bring them forward visually by eradicating that shadow.


When it comes to covering spots and redness, we look for concealers with ingredients that help to not only camouflage but also treat the skin while they’re at it, as many skin issues can be greatly reduced or avoided by using products that don’t encourage bacteria or contain inflammatory ingredients.

RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-up is a 100% organic raw coconut oil-based product that can be used either as a foundation over the whole face, or as a concealer. Coconut oil is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, so can aid in helping to clear acne-prone skin, and the consistency of “Un” Cover-up is very light and dewy so is great for those who prefer a more natural coverage. As the product comes in a pot, you can dab it on using your fingers and the heat from your hands will help melt it into the skin. As mentioned above, coconut oil is anti-bacterial so the pot won’t harbour germs, but we’d still recommend making sure your hands are 100% clean before touching your face or using a clean brush.

If you’re after something with a bit more coverage, Disappear Concealer from Jane Iredale is specially formulated to soothe and minimise the appearance of redness, and has a slightly heavier, opaque finish. It contains Green Tea extract which calms, protects and provides bacterial protection, so can actually help to get rid of breakouts as well as covering them completely. Nearly all Disappear’s shades have a yellow undertone, which counteracts red in the skin, and although it is a slightly heavier coverage the minerals are designed to be layered so it doesn’t look caky. Another key ingredient in Disappear is Vitamin C, which helps reverse UV damage and suppresses melanin formation, which is the cause of hyperpigmentation (dark spots) in the skin.

If you use a powder as part of your makeup routine, always apply cream or liquid concealers under powder as opposed to on top, so the product doesn’t become patchy on the skin. Applying powder afterwards also helps to set the concealer and ensures it lasts.

The world of concealers can seem vast and a little daunting, and with Instagram makeup tutorials telling us we have to wear 5 different layers and colours of concealer it’s easy to get swept up into thinking you have to cover every last pore and wrinkle. We’re firm believers in wearing something not because you feel you have to but because you want to, and hope we’ve given you some useful tools to help you make the best choice for you.

Words: Rosie Herdman