The beauty of collaboration

The beauty of collaboration

Born out of a shared passion for nature and inspired by the psychedelic pastel hues of seventies wallpaper, we bring you our latest photographic collaboration with Palais Flowers!

Director Olivia combined soft brushed-out waves with sorbet makeup tones inspired by one of our top film muses, Christina Ricci in Buffalo ’66. Palais founder Emma Weaver created a living wallpaper of summer blooms, a vibrant combination of coral charm peonies, marigolds, scabiosas, alliums, bird of paradise clematis, bismarkia palm leaves, blue hydrangeas and delphiniums.

To recreate these soft seventies waves, Olivia recommends using a large barrel tong followed by a light spray of Organic Colour Systems Spritz, brushing the hair out really well afterwards with a cushion brush.

Hair: Olivia Crighton 
Set design: Emma Weaver @ Palais Flowers 
Photography: Morgan Hill Murphy Styling: Sadie Perry

Make up: Sabrina Priano 
Model: Charlotte McKelvie @ M and P Models