Masterclass: Revive - Volumising Dry Shampoo

Masterclass: Revive - Volumising Dry Shampoo

A summer hair staple and a perfect solution to cutting down your morning routine, dry shampoo is a dressing table must-have. It’s volumising properties give extra plump and reinvigorates hair that’s looking slightly lack-lustre.

Here at Glasshouse there’s a brand new dry shampoo that we can’t get enough of - Revive Volumising Dry Shampoo. Containing a blend of natural ingredients, the Revive formula was specifically created to gently cleanse and enhance the volume and manageability of your hair. It removes excess oil whilst still nourishing the hair and leaving it soft and smooth. We also love the fact that the bottle contains over 100 washes, that’s 100 less in-between-wash-days we have to think about…

Revive uses a revolutionary mix of ingredients including organic rice silk, bentonite clay, tapioca, corn and potato starches. Combined together they make a completely unique dry shampoo, free from a lot of the chemicals usually found in aerosol products.

It’s the perfect size to carry on the go and the non-aerosol packaging makes it ideal for taking in hand luggage. On top of that, Revive doesn’t stain clothes like many other dry shampoos, making it our summer handbag must-have!

One of the ingredients we’re particularly excited about is the corn starch in Revive. It forms a barrier on the surface of the hair to protect against moisture and reduces frizz and flyaway hair. Who knew the answer to such a common hair problem could be so simple (and so natural)?

To apply the product, use a small amount on the roots of your hair and then brush or comb through to ensure an even covering. We find that Revive is super effective in tackling fringes and giving them a much-needed lift, and the rice silk in the formula (which has an absorption capacity of over 300%) creates the silkiest finish on even the most frazzled of hair.

If you’re in need of a little boost with plenty of nourishment, then pop into the salon and pick up one for yourself!