Reads: Strange Plants II

Reads: Strange Plants II

“The aim of Strange Plants II is to continue the compelling conversations about how we perceive and interpret both the bizarre and beautiful sides of art and nature” - Zio Baritaux

Following on from the success of Strange Plants, the second instalment of the series continues to grow, bringing together even more artists who, though new to the concept of using plants for subject matter are newly inspired by the process and are taking a unique approach to incorporating plants in their work.

Strange Plants II was designed by Folch Studio, an award-winning design house in Barcelona that is also responsible for cult interiors magazine and firm Glasshouse favourite, Apartamento. The book is 148 pages in length, and comes with eight adhesives so that readers can select their three favourite images and create their own unique covers.

This version of the book also features the work of 12 tattoo artists, focusing on the monochrome and inspired by cacti. These black and white tats greatly contrast to the mostly vibrant colours featured in the first edition.

You can purchase Strange Plants II from the Zioxla online store or pop into the Photographers Gallery by Oxford Circus (and take a look at some other wonderful image books). We’ve got our fingers crossed for a Strange Plants III!

All imagery via Zioxla.