Reads: Strange plants

Reads: Strange plants

“The artists in this book were challenged to think about their work in new ways and ruminate on their unique experiences with plants. I hope this book will inspire others, and challenge the way people look at both plants and art.” - Zio Baritaux.

Strange Plants is a the first release from editor Zio Baritaux’s Zioxla publishing house, celebrating the role of plants in contemporary art. It features the work of twenty five artists with diverse takes on the subject, from hyperreal paintings of enlarged cacti to elaborate collages.

The book combines the work of artists who primarily focus on the natural world with those who do not typically use it as their subject matter, instead developing new work exclusively for the publication. Alongside this, several tattoo artists are also featured, creating plant themed flash sheets in their own distinctive style.

Not only is the book full of lush aesthetic content, it was designed by Folch Studio, the award winning Barcelona design house responsible for Glasshouse favourite, Apartamento magazine. The cover was inspired by the interactive nature of flower pressing, and comes with a sheet of six adhesives which readers can mix and match to create their own personalised selection.

After the first edition sold out in just a month, Zioxla reprinted another run, which was also quickly snapped up. While we’re hoping for a third release, the book remains high on our wish list and its imagery inspiring and fascinating- even if we can only see it on screen for now.

All imagery via Zioxla.