Photography: Me and You x Bing Bang NYC by Petra Collins

Photography: Me and You x Bing Bang NYC by Petra Collins

It’s no secret that us Glasshouse girls are a little bit in love with the dreamy, sensual, and positively girl-centric work of Canadian photography wünderkind Petra Collins. We’re pleased to report that her latest project, a shoot celebrating the recent collaboration between American labels Me and You and Bing Bang NYC, is full of the easy charm we’ve come to expect from her photos, and also features a diverse group of models offering an antidote to the fashion industry’s norm.

These fresh new faces (Diane Veras, Jani Lucid and Barbara Ferreira, who you might recognise as one of the faces - and bodies - of ASOS Curve) come proudly from the Instagram generation. Much like Collins herself, who gained early recognition through her work with Tavi Gevinson’s groundbreaking teen webzine Rookie, their careers have been largely self-started; these are models who learned their angles through the front-facing cameras on their iPhones, and whose rapidly-growing popularity is not only down to their considerable physical beauty, but also the strong bonds and connections they have made with their online followers. Their do-it-yourself ethos, then, makes them the ideal models for a collection by two fiercely independent, woman-run labels. Textile designers Me and You and cult favourite jewellery designers Bing Bang NYC are a match made in heaven - their designs are equal parts feminine and bold, from Me and You’s ‘Feminist’-branded underwear (the world ‘feminist’ is emblazoned across the butt, and it’s written in pink, obviously), to Bing Bang’s dollar sign earrings (for all the go-getting girls in your life), and together they have created something rather special. The collaboration brings Me and You’s in-your-face message to the world of jewellery, and features necklaces and rings in their “feminist” design, as well as our personal favourite piece, these “Bad Bitch” hoop earrings.

We’re big fans of this shoot because not only are the images truly beautiful - they also exemplify the type of girl-on-girl success and unity that we love to encourage at Glasshouse. And we don’t know about you, but we know what we’ll be splurging our next paychecks on…

All images; / Petra Collins
Words: Lauren O’Neill