Our house: Kana ceramics

Our house: Kana ceramics

With the barbecue and garden party season fast upon us (check out some ideas for the perfect veggie side dishes here, here and here!) we couldn’t resist these amazing bowls, spoons and plates from our Netil Market neighbour, Kana Ceramics. Perfect for serving big slaws and salads from, we love the raw simplicity of the stackable bowls in a plethora of shapes and sizes, combined with the earthy colour palette.

We spoke to Ana Kerin, designer and maker of Kana, to find out more about her inspirations and how she got started!

Hi Ana! First of all, how did you first get into making ceramics?

As a child, clay was always one of my favourites materials to use. I love to touch things around me and make things with my hands, to get involved with natural materials. I always had pockets filled with stones, empty snail shells, there is even a stone in my coat pocket right now! I then went to study Sculpture in Ljubljana and continued to experiment with different materials, but I was always drawn back to clay. I love the way it gives you a chance to work quick but you have time to think about your next step as you have to let it dry.

Colour seems to be important in your work. How do you select the palette for each collection?

From things that inspire me all around the world! It could be me dreaming about my favourite spot on the Adriatic coastline, filling my head with shades of blue which is what I based my last collection on, I was missing the sea. I want beautiful handmade objects around me. I want to eat my salad and dinner from pretty plates and bowls.

Where do you get inspiration for the form and shape of your designs?

From objects I find in second hand shops or boot sales, you can sometimes find amazing pieces from all around the world. I love West African ceramics and the heritage of Japan and South America. I love to play with mixing my own clay and playing with how that works with different glazings and patterns.

What would you say is the signature of your work?

It’s very raw, but still sensitive and subtle. I make each piece individually and it has my finger prints imprinted on the surface. I make them like little sculptures, and they are a fusion between a contemporary aesthetic and rural, native folk art.

What brought you to Netil Market?

I heard about it from a friend and came over one Saturday two years ago to take a look. I fell in love with it immediately and became a trader shortly afterwards. I would love to have a permanent shop there, it has a great community and an amazing atmosphere.

What are your favourite local spots?

I moved from South to East London not that long ago so I am still discovering them! So far I Iove the canal and the village green market in Hackney downs studios on a Sunday.

You can see more of Ana’s work at her website kana-atelie or her Facebook page. Pieces are available to buy from We are Arrow on Netil Market every day, and Ana is there on a Saturday with her own stall.