Our house: Agnes Lloyd Platt x Bug Clothing x Glasshouse

Our house: Agnes Lloyd Platt x Bug Clothing x Glasshouse

​It’s always great to get on with your neighbours, especially when they’re as talented as our Netil housemates!

When fashion graduate and Netil house employee Amy Bug Ward showed us her final collection, we were instantly inspired. Combine that with in house photographer Agnes Lloyd Platt, and you’ve got a match made in heaven! Setting off on location in an abandoned school gymnasium, Olivia gave model Natasha an effortless top bun and some subtle pink face paint for this look book collaboration.

Amy told us a little more about the thought process and references behind her pieces:

“Purpose built architecture inspired the tailored shirts, trousers and under garments in my collection, with the heavier, more draped pieces influenced by French artist Alice Anderson’s copper wire structures. As for colour, the palette also came from Anderson sculptures, and the greyish-sage from an image a friend had taken in New Zealand. I love working with print and came across some beautiful images of elderly Turkish women with Polynesian tattoos on their hands, necks, faces and feet. The ink was petrol blue and had faded and bled beneath their skin, so I used a watered down hair dye of the same colour to create the majority of the prints.”

You can see more of Amy’s work on her tumblr and Agy’s photography here.