Masterclass: Washing

Masterclass: Washing

In the salon, we’re constantly asked: “how often is too often to be washing my hair?” It’s true that too much of anything can be a bad thing, particularly when it comes to hair care, however washing your hair regularly isn’t as bad for it as you may think.

In fact, washing your hair everyday wont necessarily damage it, but the products you put in it will. Applying low quality, chemical filled products to your scalp daily will most likely lead to your hair feeling limp, brittle and lifeless.

It’s no secret organic products are better for our skin and hair, so investing in some will allow you to wash frequently whilst avoiding build up. When buying shampoo and conditioner, check the ingredients and ensure they are both sulfate and sodium chlorate free. We recommend our in-salon range of natural haircare products, Organic Colour Systems.

The tools you use on your hair following your shower routine can also make a big difference to its condition. “Your hair is in its most fragile and delicate state when it’s wet, so avoid using a bristle brush after you shower” advises Glasshouse Director, Olivia. She recommends using either a ‘Tangle Teezer’ or a wide toothed comb, which will help to prevent breakage.

Follow our trusted tips and you’ll be able to wash your hair as much as you wish. Everyday or twice a week, the choice is yours!

Featured image: Kate Moss by Robert Scott