Masterclass: Blue is the warmest colour

Masterclass: Blue is the warmest colour

Glasshouse see’s its fair share of pastel tints, especially during the summer sun, but this time we’ve taken inspiration from blue skies and ocean hues to create pastel blue transformations.

For those interested in taking the plunge, talk to your Glasshouse stylist about the best shade for your hair and how to achieve it. Pastels work best on light hair in good condition so we recommend a revamp reconstructor before any lightening and the launch of new colours blue and green as part of our No Limits range has made getting the perfect shade easier than ever.

Glasshouse caught up with Jessie Bush of We The People style to talk about her recent blue transformation with Glasshouse director Olivia.

Why blue?

Blue has all the best connotations - it’s the colour of the sky and the sea. I like that it’s both pure and playful at the same time.

You have had various different hair colours - blonde, pink, and now blue - is there anything in particular that inspires you to change your hair colour? Any specific trends?

It’s less about trends and more about embracing something new. For the most part, I’ve been the same pale shade of blonde my whole life, so it’s fun to mix things up and experiment.

Tell us a little bit about your hair and beauty routine. Do you have any advice for ladies looking to experiment with pastel tints?

My hair and beauty routine is pretty simple - wash and condition every few days with gentle products and let my hair dry naturally - Olivia has gotten me onto the Organic Hair Systems range. I’ll add a little hair powder and serum onto dry hair, but that’s about it. I also like to alternate with either a protein treatment or conditioning treatment every week; it adds life and softness back into my locks when they are feeling a little tired.

Do you have a hair muse?

Perhaps Daria Werbowy… so far from my own hair, perhaps that’s why I’m drawn to her?

You can follow Jessie Bush via her style diary. Images from Jessie Bush for