Louise Androlia on Positive Energy

Louise Androlia on Positive Energy

Following on from our full-length feature with Louise Androlia, friend and muse of Glasshouse, we wanted to find out more on the concept of energy and awareness.

In 2010, Louise enrolled herself at the London College of Psychic Studies in South Kensington, which hosts a variety of lectures, workshops and talks on a variety of subjects regarding spiritualism and psychic mediumship.

Looking for somewhere to regularly focus on her psychic abilities, the college gave her a platform to put to use her existing practices; “I was already tuning into people, I just needed to put myself in an environment where I could do that every week. I went for about a year and a half and I really learned how I work in terms of my intuition.”

Whilst this may seem very niche and possibly intimidating, she reassures us that it’s a completely welcoming and diverse environment- “There’s all different people there- a head teacher, a GP, a 70 year old granny, a social worker. It’s anyone, just regular people.”

So what exactly is ‘energy’ in this context? Back to Louise on this one, sharing with us her explanation of the presence of energy and it’s effect on us as individuals.

“From science we know that everything and everyone is made of energy. Have you ever felt a mood change because of someone else? Most likely the answer will be yes. So that proves energy is contagious.

You exist beyond your physical body, and you have an energy field. For example, a room is going to hold the energy of what’s happened in it. A wedding feels great because of the energy, but if you walk into a room where there’s been a fight the feeling is totally different.

We need to nurture the energy as much as mind and body, because it’s like a third part that people aren’t using. I believe energy awareness is really important.”

We love Louise’s positive outlook on the importance of being aware of how your actions can influence the mood of others and your environment.

Louise has recently moved to LA, but is available for Skype tarot readings. Visit her blog for more of her spiritual insights.

Photography: Jessica MacCormick