Kitchen Table: Danielle Copperman of Qnola

Kitchen Table: Danielle Copperman of Qnola

We’re constantly being told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and yet it’s still one of the hardest to get right. Reaching for the easy (and often unhealthy) option or forgoing it completely probably sound all too familiar to most and we’re constantly on the lookout for easy, nutritious alternatives.

Say hello to Qnola! If (like us) you’ve spotted this quinoa-based granola out and about recently you’re probably feeling as intrigued - and peckish - as we are. Naturally free of gluten, dairy, refined sugar and grains, Qnola is higher in protein and fibre than oat-based granolas and comes without the obligatory sugar hit.

Danielle Copperman is the face and brains behind the brand. Previously a full-time model, Danielle found herself busy with constant travel and work and her diet suffered as a result. “Being a model meant I was under a lot of pressure - mainly from myself - to keep in shape and look fresh and healthy, even if I’d been working 18 hours with nothing but coffee, Coca Cola and crisps.” says Danielle “Breakfast was the one meal of the day I could usually control, so I made sure it was as nourishing as possible”.

And so Qnola was born! Now proudly stocked in Selfridges, served at Glasshouse local Tiosk, The Detox Kitchen and sold online, Qnola is quicker to prepare than a slice of toast and full of all the nourishment you need to face the day.

Danielle has developed a limited edition flavour just in time for Easter - a triple chocolate blend with raw cacao coated quinoa, raw cacao nibs, chunks of raw Ombar chocolate, goji berries, chia seeds and reishi powder. It’s Qnola’s own unique and healthy way to celebrate the season of chocolate in a slightly more virtuous way! Here she shares an exclusive recipe with Glasshouse on how to perk up your Easter Qnola…

Tripe Chocolate Easter Edition Qnola with Ombar and Chocolate Almond Milk Blend up your almond milk with 1-2 tablespoons of cacao power and your sweetener of choice, if desired (we like a little drop of agave nectar). Serve your Easter Triple Chocolate Qnola with the chilled milk and you’re good to go!

Danielle has also shared with us her top three tips for maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle - we’re all ears…

Be mindful

“Try not to adopt habits that don’t fit into your life. It’s easy to be told to drink green juice or batch cook all the time but not everyone’s lifestyles allow space for these things. Be mindful about the decisions and choices you have, and be real in choosing which ones apply to your personal lifestyle.”

Be educated

“Don’t just believe what you read, but educate yourself on why bad foods are so detrimental and how good foods can actually do you good.”

Detoxify your kitchen

“This is the most important one to succeed in eating well. Throw out anything bad or unhealthy that doesn’t fit into the new habits you’re trying to adopt. If it’s there, you will eat it. It’ll be more tempting than the healthier options you have, not necessarily because it’s tastier but because you know you shouldn’t.”

Thanks Danielle! Get your Easter Qnola here.

Words: Lucy Vincent
Images: Qnola