Kitchen Table: Quinoa Hot Chocolate

Kitchen Table: Quinoa Hot Chocolate

We’re making our way through hot drink season with gusto and if, like us, you’re looking for a twist on your usual tipple then this recipe may just be the one. Created by Danielle Copperman, founder of our favourite virtuous breakfast brand, Qnola, this Quinoa Hot Chocolate is both naughty and nice - the rich, smooth drink contains plant-based ingredients making it uber-nourishing and totally delicious. Danielle has included quinoa which elevates a traditional hot chocolate into something much richer in protein, fibre, amino acids and omega 3. Plus, it’s vegan and dairy-free without the watery-ness and lack of flavour you can often get with milk alternative drinks. Bingo! We like ours sat by the fire and sprinkled with a very generous helping of Qnola.

Scroll on for Danielle’s recipe.

Serves 3


1 cup cooked quinoa (about 200g)

30g cacao powder

520ml plant-based milk or water

5-6 medjool dates

2 teaspoons fresh vanilla or vanilla extract/powder/paste

1 tablespoon maca powder
1 pinch Himalayan pink salt

30-40g tahini or nut butter
2 teaspoons melted coconut oil (alternatively you could use extra virgin olive oil)

Elevate it:

Add ½ tsp of one or some of the following superfood powders and adaptogens:

Ashwaganda, amandamide, rhodiola, reishi, chaga, he shou wu, cinnamon, ginger, chilli, turmeric, bee pollen.


  1. Add cooked quinoa to a high-speed blender with all other ingredients.

  2. Blend on a medium speed for 30 seconds then on the highest speed for 1 minute, until the mixture is completely smooth.

  3. Taste and season, adding any superfoods, salt or extra dates to suit your tastes.

  4. Transfer to a saucepan and heat, whisking over a low to medium heat. If the result is too thick, add a little extra nut milk or water.

  5. Serve piping hot. Top with Himalayan pink salt, Qnola of choice or any superfoods/spices you used in the recipe.

  • Danielle also recommends serving over ice, or blended with ice for a chocolate milkshake version.

Recipe and images: Qnola