Kitchen table: Aromatic raw slaw

Kitchen table: Aromatic raw slaw

Discovering a new side to accompany your favourite dish is a great way to add interest to your regular meals without having to go out and buy a whole cupboard of ingredients! Cue Laura Allard- Fleischl and her vegan food blog, Laura’s recipes, with this crisp and crunchy beet, carrot and apple combo that is just as good on the eye as it is on the taste buds! Beetroot contains several powerful antioxidants that help fight fatigue and keep your blood sugar stabilised, whilst the Vitamin E rich carrots keep your skin glowing and cleanse the body.

We think this beautifully delicious raw slaw is a fresh and zesty addition to any plate and would be perfect to serve up at a summer soiree or barbecue!


3 beetroots
2 large carrots
2 granny smith apples
A bunch of mint
Handful of dried blackcurrants
Zest and juice of one lime
Raw honey (substitute with agave for vegan option)
Rice vinegar
Freshly grated ginger


  1. Cover blackcurrants with water and leave to soak. 2. Peel the skin and then slice the beets, carrots and apples using a julienne peeler, put aside while you make the dressing. 3. Mix lime juice, zest, ginger, honey and rice vinegar to create the dressing, adjusting the quantity to taste. 4. Chop up the mint and toss with the julienned veg, currants and dressing. 5. Season with salt and serve.