An Interview with Tor Njamo, Psychic, Healer and Wellbeing Coach

An Interview with Tor Njamo, Psychic, Healer and Wellbeing Coach

We are excited to be expanding our range of treatments for 2023 with the launch of the Glasshouse Therapy Room. Our new space embodies our belief that beauty and wellbeing is elevated with the support of our physical and emotional selves. We will be bringing together experts in the fields of wellbeing, spirituality and skincare to offer a range of intentional holistic therapies that work to nourish and support the mind and body as one.

Tor Njamo is our in-house healer, offering intuitive healing services and wellbeing coaching. Tor is a Spiritual Educator, Psychic Tarot Reader and Spiritual Healer. He is also the founder of Esoteric Studies Institute and a certified coach. He is passionate about helping people make better decisions for their wellbeing and find more calm and ease in their life by raising spiritual awareness and releasing negativity.

We sat down with Tor to find out more about his journey and the services he will be bringing to Glasshouse Therapy Room.

Can you tell us a bit about your background and what led you to your work as a psychic, healer and wellbeing coach?

I had quite a chaotic childhood; my parents divorced when I was six, my childhood home burnt to the ground when I was eight, my mother always struggled to make ends meet, and I was bullied at school. All of these challenges spurred me on to figure out what it means to be resilient and well in myself. Spirituality gave me the strength to persevere through those challenges, and it also inspired me to want to help others through their struggles.

Spirituality has also been a part of my life since childhood. My grandmother was a clairvoyant medium and was the first person to introduce me to meditation, tarot cards, crystals, spirit guides and everything else esoteric. From a young age, I always knew that someday I would somehow step into my grandmother’s shoes, and here we are!

I derive tremendous meaning from seeing other people flourish, change their perspectives and find more peace through spiritual practice. I believe that building a more intentional connection with your spiritual self and Spirit Guides will give you the strength to live your life with more meaning, health and wellbeing.

How would you describe the benefit of exploring these practices to someone who has no knowledge of this way of life?

One of the reasons we experience a lack in our life is because we repeat unhelpful patterns inherited from our parents and picked up from our social environment. In a healing session, I help my clients heal unhelpful patterns that are not serving them any longer and raise their self-worth and confidence in themselves.

We often harbour heavy and negative energies from our minds and surroundings, leading to stress, anxiety and worry. In a healing session, I help release these energies so life force can flow through uninhibited which will help with a sense of ease and flow.

During a reading, I use the tarot deck to reveal the energies around the client to help them create clarity for their life moving forward. Often we need reassurance that we are making the correct decision, and the tarot can help us do that. The tarot can also help to uncover futures they had not considered themselves and open up new areas for them to explore.

What kind of issues do you offer guidance for?

Everything in our life is interconnected. Work, relationships, career, money, health, spiritual growth, values, purpose, boundaries, confidence, self-worth. How we feel on the inside shows up in how we move through the world and our choices. I often find that most people’s behavioural problems are rooted in a lack of grounding in their own consciousness and sense of self. In the deepest sense, that is what I help people do: I help them create a grounded connection with their inner spirit and what they want to achieve in life. When we feel grounded in our sense of self and spirit, we naturally begin to make choices that serve us better.

What are the ways in which you work?

Meditation is the cornerstone of my practice; by calming our physical mind through meditation, we can open ourselves up to our spiritual consciousness for healing.

In each healing session, I guide clients through meditation to open them up to the life force which moves through all of us and become more receptive to healing. I also use specific crystals because they can help to enhance healing. My aim is for each client to leave the healing session feeling calmer, more relaxed and restored.

In my psychic sittings, I use the tarot cards as an instrument to read the energies around the client I’m working with. I look at the energies from their recent past, present and upcoming future. I also bring forward messages from our respective Spirit Guides. Each reading should leave you with a greater clarity and foresight for their life.

Do you have any self care rituals that keep you feeling happy and at your best?

Because of the amount of energy that I give into my work, I have to spend a lot of time restoring. I do this in a few different ways; meditation, breathing exercises, walking in solitude and journaling. I also enjoy reading and crossfit, and of course drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep.

Do you have any day to day tips for becoming more grounded in an increasingly stressful world?

A sense of grounding in our own consciousness is vital for our wellbeing. Permit yourself to be in solitude without guilt or shame for not being “productive” in that moment of solitude. These days, our phones bombard us with notifications - turn them all off - leave your phone at home and go for a walk in solitude - get comfortable with quietness - that is a radical act. In a stressful world, I believe that is what will help you - disconnect, to reconnect.

Tor will be offering the following services from February 2023; please email us or call 0208 533 4206 for more information. Bookings can be made online by clicking here.

Spirit and Sense

Spirit and Sense is a 30-minute reading and spiritual check-in where Tor uses his Tarot Deck and psychic abilities to help you sense your next steps and reassure you that you are making the correct decisions and reveal any hidden opportunities. £55

Clarity and Foresight

Clarity and Foresight is a 60-minute reading where Tor will use his Tarot Deck and psychic abilities to help you create clarity and foresight about your life. Helping you to connect with your higher self, spirit guides and other supportive spiritual forces around you.

£85 per hour reading

Heal and Restore

Heal and Restore is a 60 or 90-minute healing treatment where Tor uses his soothing voice, energy and crystal healing to balance and restore your spiritual energies leaving a sense of calm and wellbeing. You will want to book this session if you feel energetically blocked, caught in negative thought patterns, stressed, overwhelmed, spiritually deprived and need help to restore and rebalance.

£85- £125

Heal and Grow

Heal and Grow is a 5-session healing programme that is everything you would expect from Heal and Restore and more. Over five sessions, Tor will be able to work with you more personally and profoundly because healing the root causes of our issues takes time. You will want to sign up for this healing programme if you are someone who is committed to creating long-lasting and positive change in your life.

Package of x5 60mins £400 Package of x5 90mins £600