Introducing; Energy Medicine Facial

Introducing; Energy Medicine Facial

Introducing our new facial; a unique combination of skincare, massage and energy healing to balance and restore your beauty and radiance.

An immersive inner pilgrimage of bespoke energy, touch, sound and scent. Harnessing nature’s medicines, Olivia will intuit a prescriptive selection of natural and organically based skin- care and ‘actives’ to cleanse, clarify and tonify. Following with a soothing, lifting and sculpting lymphatic massage to release tension, stimulate natural collagen production and blood flow, whilst facilitating energy balance and flow through the subtle energy systems. Focusing on both the etheric and physical bodies and channelling restorative, healing energies to leave you and your skin feeling bright, balanced, and restored.

"This was the best facial I have ever received. Olivia’s holistic, empathic approach to wellness and beauty gifted me a transportive and deeply healing experience, while leaving my skin feeling luminous and restored. Count me a client for life. Simply breathtaking." 

"Olivia has a really warm and welcoming presence. Her massage was very relaxing, so much so that I fell asleep! She listened to all my feedback about my skin and really paid attention to my requirements. I felt totally at ease and comfortable, and my skin feels lovely and hydrated."

Olivia will be in the therapy room taking bookings from next Saturday 22nd June and then bi monthly Saturdays.

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