An Interview with Poppy France

An Interview with Poppy France

Connecting with ourselves and embracing a mindful and natural approach to beauty is one of our core beliefs, and we are always keen to explore rituals that support both our external and internal wellbeing as one. When Poppy France approached us with her natural and organic face oils and sculpting facial massage techniques we were keen to collaborate. Having worked as a make up artist and also trained in yoga, meditation, facial massage and aromatherapy, Poppy truly has all bases covered when it comes to beauty. 

We are excited to be hosting an event with Poppy in which you can learn her signature facial massage as well as enjoy 30 minutes of yoga Nidra meditation, proven to be the equivalent of 7 hours rest for the body. Ahead of our afternoon of natural beauty and relaxation - book your place here - we sat her down to find out more about her unique combined expertise and approach to skincare.

Can you tell us a bit about your background and what led you to where you are today?

Working as a makeup artist in fashion, I felt trapped in an unnatural cycle in London with my work and lifestyle. I left for 3 years, trained in yoga, ate from the land and sea in Australia, started to live differently and then brought all I had learnt back to London. My approach to work changed and brands started to make products that weren’t harming animals, the planet or people. I’ve always struggled to define myself with all the practises I teach, but helping others feel happy within themselves has always been at the core of it.

How do you think your experience as a make up artist influenced your approach to skincare and natural beauty?

I’ve been obsessed with skincare from an early age, always raiding my aunties bathroom cabinets. In my 20’s I was working in high fashion but felt this emptiness with the work I was doing; it was creative and fun but I wanted to do more than just paint faces. Our skin is living and breathing. I decided to find new ways to help others feel truly beautiful rather than to mask their skin. I wanted to help heal it.

What are the ways in which you work?

I teach meditation and yoga, breathing techniques, facial massage and use cruelty free and natural makeup and hair care. I try to work as sustainably as I can; this spans the way I travel to work, what I eat and ensuring zero waste.

How does your signature facial massage differ from traditional facials?

I use my own hand blended organic aromatherapy oils for my signature facial that incorporates both sculpting facial yoga massage techniques with lymphatic drainage to remove any toxins from the skin. This also eliminates stress build up, and acupressure works internally as well as externally to release tension and held trauma. This gives you a lift and sculpt, clear skin, a relaxed mind and body and a lift in your mood!

Why do you choose to work with organic and natural products?

For me I can't see why I would use anything else; they feed and nourish the skin. I am also very anti-animal testing for beauty. Beauty is interconnected with how you live your life, and I am very conscious of our responsibility to care for the planet.

Why is it important for you to blend your own facial oil rather than use something pre blended?

I wanted to keep them affordable and also extremely fresh to get full benefits, so it made sense to make them all to order.

How would you describe the benefits of facial massage and yoga Nidra meditation in combination?

Both work with the face, body and mind in unison. Stress build up and trauma is held in the body and the face. When we feel joyful and relaxed our faces show this. With facial massage and yoga we reconnect with our true selves and that’s beautiful!

Could you share some tips or guidance for at home facial massage?

I think so long as your hands are clean and you have a nice face oil that you love, you can’t go wrong with just massaging your face how it organically feels good to you; remember to breathe into it.

Do you have any daily skin and self care rituals?

I meditate every morning with a hot water and lemon, and I always use my favourite oil day and night.

What do you like to do to unwind?

I like to enjoy the simple things; listening to music, walking in nature, swimming, spending time with friends.

Poppy will be hosting a Restorative workshop at Glasshouse on Sunday 2nd July at 11am-12.30pm. 

Leave with a natural face lift, armed with your very own at-home facial massage technique and a mini facial oil blend, feeling deeply nourished and rested inside and out.

Book your place here.

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