Happenings: Noémie Goudal, Southern Light Stations

Happenings: Noémie Goudal, Southern Light Stations

We’re often drawn to artists and photographers who share our same fascination with the natural world. Noémie Goudal is definitely one of them. Focusing on breathtaking landscapes, Goudal is a French-born visual artist who trained at the RCA and is now based full-time in London. Southern Light Stations is her first major solo UK exhibition taking up residency at Soho’s Photographer’s Gallery until the new year.

Containing all new and unseen works, the exhibition explores our fascination with the sky and the solar system. Compiled of photographs, installations and stereoscopes, the images are serene and clean-lined, offering a whole new perspective on the sky and what lies beyond. Free-floating spheres that resemble planets sit in front of a backdrop of far-reaching, characterless landscapes. We particularly appreciate the boldness and simplicity of Noémie’s work, turning any traditional connotations of space on their head and instead offering her unique perspective.

Southern Light Stations builds on Noémie’s signature style. Capturing the outside world, almost all of Noémie’s artworks contain a manmade disruption of some kind - whether this is a giant sphere hanging above some mountains or plastic sheets mimicking water in a waterfall, her clever depictions of nature are never quite what they seem.

This exhibition is no exception, referencing myths, religious symbolisms and early scientific studies through every beautiful artwork but most of all providing a complete feast for the eyes! Running until 10th January, this is a perfect rainy afternoon escape to a land far, far away…

Noémie Goudal, Southern Light Stations at The Photographer’s Gallery W1F 7W, 2nd October - 10th January 2016.

All images: Noemie Gouda;
All images: Noemie Goudal

Words: Lucy Vincent