Hair Story: Laura Allard-Fleischl

Hair Story: Laura Allard-Fleischl

Laura Allard-Fleischl is a photographer, girl about town and Glasshouse fixture. When she’s not perched in the salon chair choosing the latest shade of citrus to dye her hair, you can find her on location shooting everywhere from British seaside towns to strip clubs in Soho. We’ve always been a fan of her punk style and can’t think of anyone else who wears PVC trousers and baker boy caps quite like she does.

Laura’s not afraid of trying any hair colour and her lightened hair is a constant source of pain and pleasure. From breakage to bleaching, she shares it all with us in her hair story.

“I have really dark, curly hair naturally, and in high school I used to bleach the living hell out of it - we’re talking nasty harsh chemical bleach that turned it straw yellow. And then I’d straighten it poker straight almost daily, it’s a miracle there’s any left.

My ultimate hair muses would have to be David Bowie (ziggy stardust, orange mullet, duh), Marla Singer, Leeloo Dallas, Sid Vicious and Lydia Deetz.

When it comes to hair routine, I use my Organic Colour Systems’ protein treatment literally every single time I wash my hair, which only occurs about once a week. I pretty much have to put half a day aside for the amount of time it takes to repair the damage I’ve caused with hot irons.

I’ll also top up the colour with a bit of Manic Panic Psychedelic Sunset mixed into my conditioner if it’s looking particularly faded. If it’s not a hair washing day, I’ll just scruff it up a bit and go, or a chuck a beret on.

A style I’d love to try but don’t feel brave enough? Shaved head. I think it’s so cool but I’d look like a reverse cone-head without anything on top.

Desert island hair tools: hmm, maybe hair ties, a big hat and some kind of serum to stop my locks getting too sea crispy.

If my personality was a haircut it would be a really severe bedhead. Maybe after a night of back-to-back nightmares so it’s totally scruffy and out of control.

When in doubt, chuck a beret on. Also, protein spray, protein spray, protein spray - my hair couldn’t live without it.

A style you could never pay me to get? A ‘can I speak to the manager’ haircut. Or anything too polished really - I look like a soccer mom when my hair’s too tidy.”

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