Beauty Talks: Content Wellbeing

Beauty Talks: Content Wellbeing

We make no secret of our love for organic beauty and haircare, so when we found another place that was just as obsessed, we had to find out more!

Content Beauty/Wellbeing is a boutique organic skincare store, naturopathic clinic, beauty salon, and online shop with a focus on natural and organic care. With such a broad yet niche venture we wanted to find out how founder Imelda Burke stays on top and what is so important about organic beauty.

In celebration of our shared organic ethos we’ve got together to bring you a little treat! With every appointment at Glasshouse we are offering a £20 voucher for a treatment with Content Beauty/Wellbeing, either a facial, massage, or an initial consultation for a Content therapy.

Our Glasshouse favourites from Content Beauty/Wellbeing include the Pai Organic Detoxing Facial which helps to re-balance congested skin, and the Deep Release Muscle Massage which reduces stress and tension, and can even help those who suffer from migraines.

So what’s the story behind Content Beauty/Wellbeing? At what point did you discover organic beauty?

I had always been interested in natural skincare and the wellbeing even when studying fashion design. But I was still a sucker for the department store beauty products and their GWP’s when it came to skincare and make-up. It wasn’t until I moved to the UK 15 years ago and I needed to replace a doctor prescribed cream for a skin condition I’ve had my whole life that I starting looking at the ingredients in skincare and found several I wasn’t keen on. I looked into it further and decided to make the switch to all natural.

At that time most brands were still stuck in the backs of health food stores and I found that the way I wanted to shop wasn’t being catered for – there was a very limited choice of natural beauty brands in department stores and beauty boutiques so I collected together a selection of the world’s best brands at that time so that Content could be a one-stop destination for natural beauties.

What are the benefits of choosing more natural and organic products?

The skin is our largest organ and plays a vital role in protection and detoxification. Those that like to avoid e-numbers in their food will understand the benefits of doing the same with their skincare. If you are a fan of ‘clean-eating’ you can apply the same principles to your skincare. We stock brands that follow raw food principles, skincare that is being grown, harvested and distilled by the brand founders through to those that use the most innovative natural ingredient developments.

For me it’s about avoiding what you can where you can. We often can’t control the pollution and the environment we live in when in the city, but where we can control what we use – the food we eat and the products we use in our home and on our body. We do have the choice to use products more akin to ‘skin-food’ whether it switching your body lotion to coconut oil or swapping your anti-ageing serum to one that avoids parabens and petrochemicals.

So many of our customers say that their skin conditions they have battled with for years have improved when they start using natural skincare – and you can’t really argue with that as a benefit.

How to do you practice a healthy lifestyle outside of your beauty regime?

I work almost constantly so I am a bad advertisement for any type of work life balance. However, when you are doing something you love and discovering new brands and brand founders who are truly inspiring it often doesn’t feel much like work. There are various foods I avoid, just as they don’t agree with me, and am a fan of traditional foods such as fermented foods and always buy organic – I don’t really drink and find that raw cacao in it’s many forms cures most ills! I do like to be outdoors and love getting lost in Hampstead Heath – especially in the Winter.

Running a business must sometimes be a stressful endeavour, how do you keep the stress at bay?

You have to maintain a sense of humour first and foremost – which can easily go out the window when dealing with the logistics of stocking so many brands. But I’m a big fan of the power of aromatherapy and keep a collection of Tata Harpers Therapeutic Treatment Oils on my desk and in my bag – my favourite is the Irritability Treatment. I also keep the Lotus Wei Energy Mists on my desk – there is one of every occasion!

And finally what do you think is the key to achieving Content?

I actually called the store Content for two reasons – obviously I was interested in the content (ingredients) of the products but also I wanted to dispel the idea of perfect skin and looks which is propagated in advertising. When you think about it – and look past the obvious - some of the most beautiful people most of us will know are those that are most ‘content’ – happy in their skin.

I love products and make-up and certainly aren’t giving them up but as a company we want to people to be able to become the best version of themselves via good health with a little topical help from the natural beauty brands we stock!

To get your voucher pop into salon for a treatment and you’ll get £20 off of a deluxe organic service with the Content Beauty/Wellbeing Clinic. To book an appointment with us give us a call on 020 3095 9783 or drop us an email at