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Founded by two women who believe in the power of organic, plant based skincare that is ethically sourced and responsibly made, Basho places everyone's unique, natural rhythms and cycles centre stage. By listening to our own body, observing, respecting and tuning in to its needs - we are able to make more thoughtful and harmonising lifestyle and product choices.

The full range has been thoughtfully tailored to work gently and harmoniously with all skin types and the thought doesn't stop there. As much as we are concerned with protecting our skin from harsh environments, we are also responsible for protecting our precious environment from pollution and waste. Basho is committed to reducing their carbon footprint by choosing recycled and recyclable packaging. All of the ingredients are of the highest quality and have been sustainably extracted and responsibly sourced. A cruelty free brand, all products contain only vegan friendly, plant based ingredients that are safe and gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

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