An Interview with Abbey-Rose Hudson, Creative Director at Glasshouse Salon

An Interview with Abbey-Rose Hudson, Creative Director at Glasshouse Salon

Here at Glasshouse we are so proud of our tight knit team of talented stylists, and as many of our regular clients will know, Abbey-Rose Hudson has been a long standing and integral part of the salon. Abbey is currently our Creative Director, heading up the team and also acting as educator -- responsible for training new staff members and maintaining our high quality of services.

She is well loved by both our team and her loyal clients for her incredible colour work along with her positivity and innate ability to put you at ease in the chair. Originally from New Zealand, she has over 11 years of experience and is a true expert in enhancing natural textures and creating effortless colours. 

We caught up with Abbey to offer the chance for you to get to know her better and find out more about her ethos, experience and inspirations.

Tell us a little about your upbringing in New Zealand and how you came to live and work in London.

I grew up in Wellington, which is an amazing city for art and culture and is surrounded by beaches and nature. We lived 5 minutes away from the beach so I spent most of my childhood outdoors and by the sea. Both of my parents are very creative, my dad was a jeweller and is an amazing musician; he has about 10 guitars! My mum is also very musical, she was going to become a concert pianist, and she also does the most insane embroidery. Being surrounded by this and being nurtured to follow my instincts really resulted in me feeling creatively free and I think lead me to choosing to be in a creative career. I moved to London to experience the art, culture and lifestyle and to be able to travel and to be a bit closer to the rest of the world so I can easily explore Europe.

What influenced you to choose a career in the hair and beauty industry?

I was aways very interested in hair and beauty, ever since I was a child; I used to cut all of my dolls hair and was always doing hairstyles on my mum! I think being a naturally creative and social person, the industry just always appealed to me -- it’s the best of both worlds. I get to be creative all day, and get to meet and talk to all kinds of people and learn about their lives and stories.

Why have you chosen to work with a more natural and organic approach to hairdressing?

I think growing up in New Zealand influenced me to be naturally conscious of my impact on the environment. When it came to the hair industry, I was super aware that a lot of the products and the typical practices within the industry can be really harmful and wasteful on the environment. Working with natural and organic products gives me the peace of mind that what I’m using on my clients isn’t full of chemicals. The focus on keeping the hair healthy is so important to me; I’ve never worked in a salon before Glasshouse that has such an emphasis on this, and it’s so reassuring to be in a space where that is the most important thing.

What is the best thing about working with Glasshouse?

The best thing is the people; both the clientele and the team. It’s great to work with likeminded people who all genuinely get along and have the same outlook when it comes to hair. And I love the diversity of clientele you get in London.

What should we expect from you as Creative Director at Glasshouse? 

Having been at Glasshouse for over 4 years now, I really understand and have an in depth knowledge of the colour and products we use. I also feel I really exemplify the ethos of Glasshouse; I’m always going to do my absolute best to nurture the clients hair and maintain its integrity. I’m genuinely interested in getting to know each client, and creating a space where they feel really comfortable and listened to, so they can leave their appointments feeling like they have had an enjoyable and positive experience.

Can you tell us a little more about your educator role at the salon?

I train all our upcoming stylists in the Glasshouse techniques for colour. We specialise in natural colours and it’s all about getting the right blending technique.  Every Tuesday I go through our most used techniques together with the most suitable colour formulas and ensure that we always are up to date with the trends.

I’m passionate about the next generation and how we can teach them all the different ways of colouring, together with the amazing new ideas they can bring to me! 

As you are a colour expert, do you have any tips for maintaining your colour at home?

I would definitely suggest using the Organic Colour Systems shampoos and conditioners if you are getting a colour with us. The products are designed to work with our colours, and help to maintain the health of the hair to better ensure the colour pay off. Also, I would say in general to stay away from products containing silicones and sulfates, avoid chlorine in pools and cover up hair with a hat of scarf when in the sun.

What do you like to do to stay inspired outside of work?

I think for me to stay inspired and grounded I really have to surround myself with nature in some way. In London I do this by going to the parks and the canals, I also try and get to beaches abroad when I can. Exercise is really important for me too, I love yoga and pilates. I also enjoy creative activities and classes in my own time, such as sewing, knitting, painting and pottery which keep me inspired.

What are some of your favourite products from the shop that you recommend to clients?

For my hair, I can't be without the Keep Curl Memory Gel - I use it every day, as well as the Oway Sea Salt Spray which is great for creating a natural beachy texture. I love taking a relaxing bath with the Palm of Feronia Amethyst & Magnesium Bath Soak or a few drops of Our Projects 9pm Mood Oil. When I have the time I like to treat my skin and hair to a mask; my favourites are the Sans [Ceuticals] Nourishing Hair Hydrant Ultra+ and the Evolve Bio-Retinol Gold Mask which leaves you with an amazing glow that lasts until the next day.