Events: Elemental Aromatherapy: Autumn Face Oils with Abi Titterington Lough -- Sunday 24th September

Events: Elemental Aromatherapy: Autumn Face Oils with Abi Titterington Lough -- Sunday 24th September

Introducing our new workshop series with Abi Titterington-Lough; a seasonal exploration of ancient rituals and self care practices to enrich, nourish and restore the skin, body, mind and spirit, inspired by the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine. 

These sessions are a sacred space for self-enquiry as well as intuitive, olfactory and energetic exploration, offering the opportunity to create a tailored therapeutic formulation to suit the season and your individual needs.

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Date: Sunday 24th September
 90 mins
Time: 11am
Price£45 bring your own Gua Sha
£65 including Glasshouse Black Obsidian Gua Sha to use in the workshop and take home
Location: Glasshouse Salon, 139 Mare Street, E8 3RH

We host our first edition upon the arrival of the Autumn Equinox; through the lens of the Metal Element, blending bespoke facial oils using organic and natural ingredients, before an indulgent facial massage. 

Autumn corresponds with the Metal element; known as the “the alchemist”; symbolising renewal and transformation, honouring reverence and the art of letting go. Like the trees begin to shed their leaves to prepare for deep rest throughout winter, it is time to gently gravitate inwards away from the Yang of summer, into more Yin rituals and practices. 

We will begin with a scented breath sequence, guided body scan, herbal tea tasting & card pull, before we dive into the alchemy and aromatics of the season and element. 

In this workshop, you will blend a personalised facial prescription and experience a guided facial massage & Gua Sha sequence to release tension and stress, clear stagnation and blockages, renew circulation and blood flow.

Leave with your skin, spirit & state of mind feeling relaxed and refreshed.

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Your host: Abi Titterington-Lough is our in-house aromatherapist and holistic facialist. In addition to her signature facial treatments and bespoke product creation, Abi hosts multi-sensory aromatherapy and wellbeing workshops, courses and experiences within London and across the UK & Europe. She is also the founder of 20A Aromatherapy and co-founder of àile holistic. Treatments with Abi focus on the health of the skin, while recalibrating the emotional equilibrium of the individual, to restore inner and outer radiance. Find out more about Abi in our interview here. 

This event is guest hosted by Abi Titterington-Lough.

Image: Natasha Marshall for 20A Aromatherapy.