Day on a Plate: The Hardihood

Day on a Plate: The Hardihood

We’ve been following The Hardihood girls (Leah and Daisy to us) for a while now – and by following we mainly mean drooling over their Instagram feed full of the most delicious looking raw cakes and bakes. They’re aim is to make ‘healthy cakes’ tasty, good looking and nutritionally beneficial too.

The business came about after the girls gave up refined sugar in January 2014 and were unexcited about some of the alternative sweet options out there. “A lot of the options we found were brown and boring and tasted like punishment for making healthy choices” says Leah, “We want to make modern alchemy accessible to everyone, eating well should be rewarding”.

Their bright, interesting looking cakes are packed full of unique ingredients and are stocked in a few boutique organic stores and also online. After careers in fashion styling and lifestyle journalism, The Hardihood girls are now fully-fledged superfood cake connoisseurs, whipping up treats for events and personal orders.

With such a tempting sweet offering at their fingertips, we wanted to find out what a typical day of eating would be like for Daisy and Leah, from breakfast to dinner (via a few cakes of course). So read on for The Hardihood’s day on a plate!

Daisy and Leah of The Hardihood
Daisy and Leah of The Hardihood


“At the moment it’s banana pancakes with bananas, eggs, oats and organic baking soda. We’re obsessed and actually we’ve been eating them in evenings at the moment as well. We eat cake everyday too! Seriously, it’s hard not to. However we’re very excited on a pathway to learn more about how different bodies react to certain food, stimulants and stress and it’s something we really love discussing. We’re always observing which foods make us feel great and what doesn’t.”

Mid-morning snack

“Cucumber, apple and tahini bowl. It’s delicious. The main ideology behind eating raw is that without heavy processing and the application of heat, ingredients maintain their integrity and nutrients. For us the benefits are tangible; we see each separate ingredient as something nutritious before it goes into the blender and 10 minutes later it’s sitting in the fridge becoming a cake. This simplicity is the beauty of raw.”


“Either East London Juice Co for a smoothie (and to browse the reiki enhanced crystals) or Bel Air for a super fresh salad, they also stock our cakes. It’s love!”

Afternoon snack

“Bone Broth from Pret, because tea is so passé.”


“Quinoa vegan bowls. We try to keep it clean during the week and let loose at the weekend and head to somewhere like Homeslice in Hoxton. They do 20 inch pizzas and wine by the magnum. It’s less of an everyday treat and more of a once a month feast! We’re both obsessed with restaurants with good vibes and interiors. I know it’s a cliché but the Ladder Shed at Chiltern Firehouse is still a favourite, so is Berners Tavern and Sketch for the David Shrigley art and if we could move into any restaurant permanently it would be The Story Deli in Shoreditch. We’re about to check out Sexy Fish next week, we’ve heard great things!”

We’re excited to see what The Hardihood-ers get up to next - their recipe book Raw Cake is in the pipeline and set to be released in March 2017, so keep posted on their Instagram for any updates. In the meantime, you can stock up on their cakes in Planet Organic, Raw Press, Bel Air and Tiosk, as well as online.

All images courtesy of The Hardihood