Brow bible: Do's and don'ts

Brow bible: Do's and don'ts

Following our previous post about the benefits of applying natural growth treatments to your brows (click here to read if you missed it!), the next step is to keep them looking their best with a bit of maintenance work. With the necessary knowledge, this can be surprisingly simple and easy. We asked Beth (of Netil House based beauty salon, The London Dolls) for some more words of wisdom, and to highlight some of the common mistakes we make when styling their brows;

DON’T: Over pluck your eyebrows

Whilst the 90′s comeback is a style we favour, the over plucked, pin-thin brows of the time is one look we’re happy to leave behind! Beth says she regularly sees eyebrows that have been overworked – “The biggest mistakes I have seen include cutting the tails off and the middle too much – this can make your eyebrows look patchy and uneven.”

N.B: If you have gone a bit pluck-crazy, don’t despair! Just follow these do’s for some quick recovery tips.

DO: Follow the formula

When taking the tweezers to your brows, there is (thankfully!) a formula to follow for the perfect shape, deemed ‘The Pencil Line’ by brow experts. Beth explains the basics, “Draw a line up from the nose – this is where the brow should start, and then another line up from the end of the eye, this is where the brow should end.”

DO: Use brow products

Beth recommends Eyeko Brow Gel, a light weight gel that has keeps even the bushiest brows in place – ” I absolutely love the HD Brows eye brow pencil! The twizzle pencil unwind is very easy to use, it blends in easy and is sweat proof- bonus!”

DO: Fill in the gaps

“A matte brown mineral eyeshadow applied with a slant edge eyeshadow brush is great to fill in any patchy areas without overloading the brows with product” advises Beth. We love the BareMinerals ready 2.0 eyeshadow, which is free from chemical nasties and preservatives, for filling in those pesky gaps!

Voila! Follow these simple tips, and you’ll be even more on the way to having beautiful brows like Brooke’s in no time!

Featured image: Nick Richardson