Beauty Refresher: Sensitive Skin

Beauty Refresher: Sensitive Skin

We’re stepping into March now, and it’s so close to spring we can almost taste it! However the cold winds of winter are still upon us, so for our next beauty refresher we’re focusing on how to look after sensitive skin.

If you suffer from sensitive skin or conditions such as eczema, finding a skincare routine that doesn’t irritate can be difficult.

Having a gentle cleansing ritual can actually aid sensitivity, and using natural bioactive ingredients is one of the most surefire ways to achieve this. Cue in Sans [ceuticals], experts in creating natural and organic products free of harsh chemicals or other nasties.

We’re excited to share with you their care formula bound to satisfy even the most sensitive skin types;

1. WASH: Sans [ceuticals] Goji Cleansing oil

2. SPECIAL CARE: Sans [ceuticals] Bio Active Body exfoliant

3. MOISTURISER: Sans [ceuticals] Activator 7 Body, Hair and Face oil.

Why: People who suffer from sensitive skin tend to avoid any harsh scrubbing.

However, if done correctly, gentle exfoliation allows for a deeper penetration of nourishing liquids and actives by sloughing off dead, dry skin cells, helping to even out skin texture and tone.

Follow with Activator 7 Body, Hair and Face oil for a nourishing treatment that enables faster results and contains Vitamin A which is excellent for sensitive or easily irritated skin.


Apply Goji Cleansing oil generously to wet skin.

Stand away from water stream and massage Bio Active Body Exfoliant into skin, paying special attention to neglected areas, the rinse.

After showering and while skin is still wet, apply Activator 7 Oil top to toe. This traps valuable moisture into the skins surface, providing a much needed moisture boost.

All products mentioned are available to purchase at the salon.