Beauty refresher: Oily skin

Beauty refresher: Oily skin

The sun is starting to rear its head from behind the clouds, and with the change in season we thought it was about time for another of our beauty refresher posts. This time we’re looking at how to fight against oily skin.

Those prone to excess shine and breakouts, and the need to constantly reapply make up that has slid off during the day will know the perils of oily skin.

The most common misconception in regards to taking care of this skin type is that you need to scrub your face until it’s raw. In fact, daily vicious scrubbing with over processed products takes much needed moisture out of your skin, leaving it to over compensate by producing even more oil.

However, including a gentle, natural scrub once a week will help to get rid of any dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin. We have the perfect recipe using store-cupboard ingredients to help you on your way to an oil-free complexion.


A natural wonder, honey is a dream for your skin. Not only is it moisturising and soothing, but it also contains anti bacterial qualities, great for fighting against breakouts. The finely ground almonds work wonders as an alternative to harsh and often chemical based scrubs.

Raw almonds


1.Grind raw almonds in a kitchen mini whiz and process until you have formed semi course meal. 2.Add enough water and honey to make a thick paste and massage into cleaned skin using a gentle circular motion
3. Leave for a few moments and then wash off with warm water

Your skin should now be feeling smooth and clean, but having retained its natural oils and moisture. A perfect once-a-week treat!