Beauty Box: Lip to Lid

Beauty Box: Lip to Lid

Playing matchy-matchy can sometimes feel like a bit of an outdated concept. It conjures images of two piece suits and a bag/belt/shoe combo in the exact shade of an exact colour. If anything, it feels boring and worlds apart from what style feels like now - i.e. a mish mash of colour, texture, high end, low end and everything in between. However, putting fashion aside, it’s matching makeup we’re interested in - a concept that has been reinvented with one particular look that we’re currently lusting after.

Enter lip to lid makeup - we’re talking one shade, done two ways on both your lips and your eyelids. Sounds simple? Well, there’s a fine line with this beauty technique and a few careful steps to stop you looking fresh out of a 1970’s department store cosmetic counter.

Lip to lid makeup in 2017 feels cool because it’s a fun, knowing step away from neutral palettes. By that, we mean the very generic, Insta-friendly face of makeup that (although we have nothing against it) feels like it’s ruling the cosmetic roost. What’s great about this look is that it instantly feels like an update. What could be fresher-faced than lightly rose-tinted lips with a glossy lid to match?

Image: Novembre Magazine
Image: Novembre Magazine

The key to getting lip to lid right is the product. We’ve definitely found ourselves veering towards hard-wearing, multi-functional products of late, and these are exactly the ticket to this particular look. Whether you’re going for bright pigment or just a glossy flush, multi-functioning creams and balms allow you to approach lip to lid in the same way. If you feel comfortable with more colour on your lips, then build it up for the pout and leave a quick slick for the eyelids.

After a bit of experimentation, the Glasshouse team have been using RMS Beauty’s Lip2Cheek religiously for this look. This mineral formula works well for anything from a sheer dabble to a deeper, more dramatic colour. Easily applied with fingers, we like Modest for a soft blush pink and Beloved for a more daring, juicier orange colour.

When it comes to colour, there are certain shades which plenty of people would approach with severe caution. Reds and oranges are certainly those that come to mind, particularly when it means swooshing them over your eyelids. However we’ve definitely noticed a significant step against ‘traditional’ eye colours - think soft blues, nudes, greys - and a more open approach to brighter tones that may have previously filled us with fear. Lip to lid is the ideal opportunity to experiment. If you’re not feeling quite ready for a full block of eyelid colour, just a line close to the lash is equally as high impact and easy to achieve.

Lip to lidding works best when paired with as minimal makeup as possible. We like a clean base and a bare lash, particularly in the case of bright colours - sometimes a harsh mascara can just make the whole end product a little too pantomime for our liking. But if you style it well and dare to pair, this might just be the fresh spring beauty update you’re after.

Image: Harley Weir
Words: Lucy Vincent