Astrology with Daliah Roth: Pisces

Astrology with Daliah Roth: Pisces

It’s that time of the month again where we rejoin our resident astrologer Daliah Roth, The Highgate Astrologer. This time, we’re seeing in Pisces season and learning more about this artistic, emotionally-led and giving sign.

19 February – 20 March 2020

Compassion, sensitivity, imagination – these are the main attributes associated with Pisces. Its symbolism, two fish swimming in opposite directions, signifies that Pisces has one foot in day-to-day life of three-dimensional reality and one in realms beyond. However, an individual born between late February and late March may not disclose this to be so! A strong awareness of its inner world and a desire to act selflessly gives Pisces its exceptional compassion and empathy. For Pisces can understand all human responses. It sympathises naturally and can easily step into another´s shoes. Whereas Aquarius, the air sign, is non-judgemental by the virtue of its rationale, water sign Pisces derives its embracing inclusiveness from feelings - feelings of connectedness to the universe, to divine source and to all beings.

As I am writing this, trying to convey what Pisces represents in my usual structured manner, I feel an incredible resistance interfering with my thinking process. Each previous Zodiac sign has mysteriously influenced my writing style, along the lines of its own archetype. Now Pisces is inducing me to imagine, to daydream and to envision greater things. Pisces is rebelling. It does not work in a linear, logical fashion. And it most certainly does not like to be restricted in its creations. A beautiful poem, or better yet, the ultimate futuristic learning device I so wish I had, would be more appropriate to transmit my knowledge here: a hologram that could be interacted with by teacher and students alike, the humming of crystal singing bowls and the smell of orange blossoms as a backdrop, engaging all the senses to enhance the learning experience, every effect carefully selected and finely tuned to the participants´ unique frequency signature, addressing the precise needs, preferences, tastes and learning abilities of each student in this very moment of space and time.

Back to Pisces … Because this sign can feel so much, it may be difficult for Pisceans to really know what they are feeling about any given situation or person. As it is aware of the constant flux of all things, that everything, including their feelings, are perpetually changing, they do not see the need to take a definitive stance. Pisces sees truth as relative, unlike Aquarius that is very confident in its views. With a distinct lack of ego emphasis, the fish have the weakest sense of self. On the upside, this can make for heroic acts of selflessness, offering itself unconditionally to a cause or individual. The downside: Pisces can be too submissive, impressionable, gullible, easily led by unscrupulous types that can take advantage of their open-mindedness.

Professionally, with its enormous reservoirs of creative energy, Pisces obviously fares well in the arts. Unlike other signs, it is not only creative, but artistic. Not every Pisces will be an artist. But it is uncanny how many individuals with a Venus or Moon in Pisces are either very skilled in, or greatly drawn to, poetry, dance and music. With such a multi-faceted imagination, Pisces is also prominently found in theatre, film and all the creative arts, where the real and the unreal can merge, where there are little restrictions, a place for fantasy where magic can happen.

But, make no mistake! Pisces can also act as a powerful innovative executive in business and politics as it intuitively feels the mood around it and can stay at the centre of all lines of communication. Working behind the scenes, Pisces seeks to mould a person or company rather than have a public, visible role. Here it will avoid confrontations at any cost, until the time is right, when it will take advantage of the opportunities at hand.

Working for a spiritual or religious organisation, for the underprivileged, physically or mentally handicapped, or for some form of charity, is arguably the most common expression of Pisces. Naturally humble and altruistic, it is happy to take on the burdens of others. The higher evolved Pisces is fully aware of its actions and choice of subordination, while the less evolved can get hooked on being a saviour - which involves the ones being saved ideally not getting better - or it can play the victim and expect others to rush to its aid. No matter what the nature of Pisces´ work, however, it does tend to avoid anything too strenuous. In extreme cases, this sign can be too passive, even indolent, causing it to drift through life. Confused about or unwilling to deal with the demands of the material world, it can avoid all responsibilities. Again, the right person or cause can motivate Pisces to do great things with focused energy, exceptional commitment and sacrifice.

In relationships, like its mutable counterparts Gemini and Sagittarius, Pisces is commitment shy, elusive and hates to be emotionally confined. If involved with a Pisces, you will need to let your sweet fish wander off from time to time. Then Pisces can be very devoted. Emotionally refined and highly receptive, it makes for the most romantic lover of the Zodiac. With its high idealism, it perceives its loved ones in the best possible light. Unfortunately, this can also lead to dreams crashing down, as rose-coloured glasses come off and Pisces sees others for what they truly are: mere mortals. If Pisces identifies with the victim, not asserting itself and building healthy boundaries, it can get lost while attempting to merge with its saviour. Due to its high sensitivity, Pisces acts like a psychic sponge, soaking up all the negative energies in its vicinity. This sign needs time for solitude, alone, in order not to lose its self and to discern what feelings and thoughts are actually its own and which belong to others.

Out of all the signs of the Zodiac, Pisces is the most prone to developing addictive behaviours. Unlike Capricorn that cannot stop doing (striving), Pisces cannot stop being (just going with the flow). Pisces often feels overwhelmed, seeking some form of escape. It is also highly sensual and indulgent by nature and will happily accept and confesses these inadequacies. Pisces´ sensitivity can indicate psychic abilities, though having the Sun in Pisces is not enough to manifest this. Additional indicators in the natal chart need to be present to show talents like clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience or mediumship.

Pisces can benefit much in this lifetime by examining if and when it tries to seek control through giving; to understand that its addictions, even if just minor vices like comfort eating or inaction, actually keep its creative potential locked in; and that by avoiding anything unpleasant i.e. staying clear of that job, lover or idea which Pisces identifies as potentially inhibiting its freedom of movement and expression, it misses out on an invaluable teaching and personal growth.

The wisdom Pisces teaches us, is the importance of searching for the truth on a deep spiritual level, to acknowledge our connection to alternate realities and to value and learn from our mystic experiences. In our interactions with others, Pisces shows us how to embrace, accept and understand rather than to judge, and to cultivate true humility, kindness and universal love – this sign´s highest attributes so needed, as we transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.


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