Astrology with Daliah Roth: Aquarius

Astrology with Daliah Roth: Aquarius

As we move slowly into the second month of the year and Spring feels that little bit closer, it also marks the start of Aquarius season. Commonly mistaken for a water sign, this air sign is often opinionated, knowledgable and un-judgemental. Its unique spirit means Aquarius is often referred to as the Bohemian of the Zodiac - we find out more about this intriguing sign from our resident astrologer, Daliah Roth.

20 January 2020 – 19 Feb 2020

A man is holding an urn, kneeling on one leg. He spills the contents out in front of and underneath him. This is the symbol for Aquarius, containing the word aqua in its name (water in Latin) – also known as the Water Bearer, and most fittingly called Wasserman (water man) in German. So much water, and yet Aquarius is not a water sign. When I first started studying astrology, this confused me enormously. Aquarius, like its comrades Libra and Gemini, is actually an air sign.

The esoteric meaning behind this is as follows. The flowing water represents consciousness, and with it the knowledge that all men are equal. Furthermore, it represents the oneness of mankind, which can be understood intellectually (air) but only known intuitively (water). In this water lie the ideas that can be useful to humanity in order to elevate itself to a higher level of consciousness, thus introducing the Age of Aquarius.

This sign is connected to or, as they say in astro-jargon, “ruled by”, two planets: Saturn and Uranus. Saturn represents building structures and honouring tradition, while Uranus, the opposite, expresses radical change and progress. This is reflected in Aquarius’ character, which can be unconventional, unpredictable and even eccentric – or the opposite, conservative and limiting. To make things even more confusing, many Aquarians can display both extremes at the same time.

As an air sign, Aquarius is hugely into ideas, knowledge and intellectual systems. It also gets quite attached to them and is not happy to budge. This can make for quite an opinionated individual who feels that his/her view is the only right one. Rigid thinking and holding on to theories that are in dire need of fresh ideas – or where the implementation of these theories and ideas is simply impractical – can be the result. On the upside, this sign is the most socially aware of all air signs. Where Libra is at its best in relationships, Aquarius excels in groups. It feels most at home when part of a group of like-minded others, no matter what the common cause.

Outgoing, with a love for social interaction, Aquarians tend to talk a lot and have an easy smile – they need to share what is going on in their heads. This is a sign of great activity. Generally strong individuals, they are often quirky and rebellious in nature. Paradoxically, this sign is highly individualistic and self-sufficient, with no need for society’s approval, while by the same token it requires an affiliation with a group that shares its vision of bettering the world.

In relationships, Aquarius is a true and loyal friend, even though it will not show emotion easily. Rational, impersonal and detached, it does not naturally trust the realm of feelings and can feel suffocated in a too emotionally charged environment. Romantically, this sign needs to be your best friend as well as your lover. No doubt, there is a stubborn and intractable streak, particularly if its ideas are challenged or dismissed. But, if you ever had qualms about going your own way, Aquarius will step in as the healer, encouraging you to assert your freedom, independence and right to non-conformity.

The remarkableness of this sign is that it can see the beauty in all people, regardless of race, gender or ethnic origin. Astrologer Alan Oken calls Aquarius the Bohemian of the Zodiac, it will try anything and sees no fault in experimentation. Aquarius is not easily shocked by people, their ideas or their life decisions. With its strong loyalty to a cause or idea, it is concerned not only for its own well-being but for that of all. This does not mean every individual leans towards progressive and democratic values or is active in some humanistic movement. No matter what the philosophical outlook, in extreme cases Aquarius can tend towards fanaticism, zealously imposing on others its version of the truth.

On a spiritual level, Aquarius can be living more in the head than in the heart. Easily excitable, its already sensitive nervous system can be overtaxed. It is therefore a good idea for this sign to take time to rest and become the observer: to observe its own thoughts, not to BE them. Balance is needed in its push to manifest its ideas and vision – as well as an understanding that not everyone shares its concepts and ideals.

Nevertheless, now more than ever, this world benefits from the incredible force of the Aquarian spirit as it strives for brotherhood, not only between all Earthlings (man, animal and the spirit world), but also with our cosmic neighbours. It seems that official disclosure of our contact with non-terrestrial intelligent life is imminent (and I don’t mean microbial; see Dr Steven Greer’s documentaries Sirius and Unacknowledged). Technological progress is also bringing lightning-speed changes to our world. Food printing, research into free energy sources and narrow/weak artificial intelligence are just some of the changes that are revolutionising industries across the globe, making our lives freer and easier. However, there is also a question regarding the implications of such new technologies – ones that are implemented without a fully transparent public debate. We do not yet know how 5G, transhumanism and artificial superintelligence (potentially leading to singularity) will truly affect us.

The Age of Aquarius begins when the March equinox point moves out of the constellation Pisces and into Aquarius. However, there is no definitive answer as to when that will be. Astronomers claim this may be any time between 1447 and 3597. Most astrologers claim it arrived in the 20th century, and many say it occurred in 2012. The Age of Aquarius will show if humanity is capable of balancing the spiritual (heart) with the technological (head). Humanity needs to ask itself: what is it that truly makes us human? Will we be able to preserve the spiritual knowledge and deep wisdom of our ancestral and mystical heritage, and with it the need and ability to develop our own spiritual faculties, love and compassion – perhaps a lot more effective than tech implants? Joining our spiritual wisdom and concern for the well-being of all beings with our natural urge to forge ahead into new fields, and incorporating and even merging with ever-more-complex technologies, may very well bring the Golden Age so many ancient texts prophesise.

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