12 months of smoothies: August

12 months of smoothies: August

Start your day off on a high note with another Glasshouse smoothie. This month we combine fruit, oats and coffee for one seriously energetic breakfast drink. 

This smoothie covers all the breakfast essentials. Bananas, known for being jam-packed with loads of potassium, iron, and energy compounds, while oats provide you with sustaining fibre and antioxidants. Combine a shot of coffee (a breakfast-must), and a little raw cacao for a delicious banoffee blend.

Good enough to be your morning meal, save time and throw these tasty ingredients into a blender. Take your smoothie on the go.


1 frozen banana
A strongly brewed shot of coffee
1/2 cup vanilla almond milk
2 Tbsp rolled oats
2 generous tsp raw cacao powder

If you want to sweeten we love a splash of agave or cocoanut sugar.

Photography: Laura Allard-Fleischl Art direction & styling: Victoria Spicer Creative direction: Olivia Crighton