Hair Musing: Elise Eberle

Hair Musing: Elise Eberle

Sometimes, we just need a bit of a change. Which is why we’re loving Elise Eberle’s new bold move; Shaving her head and joining the crew-cut-crew.

Leaving behind her long auburn locks, Elise decided she wanted to shy away from traditional length and embrace short hair, her new do’ becoming the perfect companion to her role as wickedly possessed Mercy in new dark cult series Salem. Now that it’s grown a bit, it’s turning into an asymmetrical pixie style, which we’ve seen many of our favourite hair muses embrace throughout the ages.

Cutting all your hair off is a gutsy move, and a risky one at that, and once the deed is done it can require a lot of maintenance. Keeping that in mind, the team at Glasshouse have compiled some handy tips for before and after you take the plunge.


Short hair has a lot of flexibility, and what you decide on can depend on your face shape. Sometimes the most flattering thing can be a little tucking, placing the hair behind the ears creating a sleek look and keeping it at a soft length. Also, any regrowth will be subtle with this cut, making it the perfect style for those of us who prefer the life of low maintenance.

Fringes are also a great way of styling a short cut. Having a bit of length on top can make all the difference and keep us in our comfort zones. It can also make your look quite diverse depending on the way you style it. Ruffed up or slicked back, it can be a great way to change up your look.

Another thing to consider when going for a short cut is the neck area. This is often the fastest to grow and will most likely need constant maintenance. We recommend graduating the cut at the neck so that it continues to add volume to the crown of the head.


Although short do’s can be much quicker to dry and style, it may still need a little daily work. Short hair tends to have less weight to help control it, so blowdrying from wet can be very helpful when it comes to working out cowlicks and double crowns before they dry into place. Stretching the hair out into a sweeping or side to side motion with a good paddle brush is often the best way to do this. Finish of with a little styling product, most commonly we recommend either Organic Colour Systems ‘Texture’ for a lightweight matt finish, or the ‘Define’ styling cream for a slightly stronger hold with a little shine. Its important to really heat the product up in the hands prior to applying, less is more as you can keep building more product in depending on desired hold and strength. Don’t be afraid to really work the product into the roots and throughout as it will help with hold and texture.

If you’re thinking of taking the plunge and going short, you can book a free consultation with a Glasshouse stylist by emailing us at or giving us a call on 020 3095 9783

photocredit: intothegloss and jwdikkers