Custom colours at Glasshouse

Custom colours at Glasshouse

We’ve made no secret of our love of pastel hair, and here at the salon creating candy shades for clients is one of our favourite things to do.

We’ve previously posted about our temporary No Limits colours, and are excited to be taking these a step further by whipping up our own custom colour pots designed especially for you. Whether you want to be a subtle peach, mint green, lavender or bubblegum pink the options are endless as we can hand blend a multitude of hues.

Combining our nourishing treatment as a base with a pop of colour, not only do these look great on your hair they also work on the condition and will leave your newly coloured locks soft and strong. Perfect for between appointment freshen ups!

Why not come in for a consultation and talk to your Glasshouse stylist about your dream dye?

Available to purchase at the salon at £20 for 120ml and £25 for 200ml.