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Travel Friendly Beauty

Travel Friendly Beauty

When it comes to travelling, we're leaving necessary miniature plastic bottles behind and looking towards more multi-use products that can help us save on space without compromising the environment. From multi-use washes to small sized deodorant, these are some of our favourite items to take away with us.

Cloud Cloth, £12.00

A sustainable alternative to cleansing wipes, the Cloud Cloth is a cotton dual sided cloth for both cleansing and exfoliating. With a soft cotton side perfect for using alongside your cleanser and a textured side to gently life dead skin cells. 

RMS Signature Set, £42.00

This lightweight palette includes several of the key staples from RMS beauty including highlighter, bronzer, lip and cheek colour, a lip shine and a lip balm. Easy to carry around, this palette is ideal for a summer night look.

Glasshouse Hair, Hand & Body Wash, £22.50

Trade three products for just one without compromising on quality. Our Hair, Hand & Body Wash is made with a balanced pH to nourish skin and hair equally. As a sulphate-free shampoo it is perfect for all hair types, whilst also nourishing and cleansing the body and hands, leaving you with a natural citrus and ginger fragrance. 

Mini Natural Deodorant, £6.00

Available in a range of fragrances from Lemon & Geranium to Orange & Bergamot, this deodorant helps you stay fresh all day without the use of aluminium or other potentially harmful ingredients. Packaged in a miniature 15ml glass jar, this is the perfect travel companion. Once finished, we also recommend holding on to the empty jar which is perfect for decanting cleansers and moisturisers when travelling to save space in your suitcase.

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