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Home Colouring

Home Colouring

As salons remain closed across the country, many of us have started to wonder just how long we’ll have to put up with our pesky roots and eyelash-skimming fringes. At Glasshouse, we know that you’ve just about come to terms with the prospect of postponing your usual appointments, but we also know that many of you are looking for at-home solutions to tide you over in the meantime.

As a salon, we wouldn’t usually suggest home colouring for anyone under usual circumstances and for most people, we’d recommend not touching your colour at all. However, we also recognise we’re living through unusual circumstances. For some people, home colouring can work as a temporary solution until salons are back on their feet.

We’ve recently temporarily expanded our online offering at Glasshouse Shop and now stock a full collection of home colour solutions. We’ve put together a breakdown and each product and what they might be suitable for, to help you come to a decision regarding home colouring. 

Permanent Hair Dye

For those of you who usually have a tint in the salon (this means one colour painted all over without any foiling or variation to the colour) and who are looking to go darker or stay the same depth as your natural, may be able to use a colour kit by Tints of Nature. This could be a good temporary solution to tie you over and help blend greys. Formulated with 75% certified organic and 95% naturally derived ingredients, this is a gentler alternative to traditional home colours and comes in a wide range of shades.

No Limits Semi Permanent Hair Colour

If you're looking for a product that is more akin to a traditional semi-permanent 'gloss' colour you might have done in the salon, the No Limits range by Organic Colour Systems is a great solution. PPD-free, this formula won't cover greys, but it will give you a temporary boost of colour, lasting between 3 and 30 washes. The darker shades can add rich tones to dark hair and the more creative shades also make great custom pastel colours - try No Limits Red mixed with the Power Build Treatment for a baby pink that works on pre-lightened hair

Hmelt Mask

Many of us might want to use this period as an excuse to experiment with semi-permanent colour - a great commitment-free option for those who are looking to embrace not having to leave the house as much as normal. Oway’s Hmelt colour is a nourishing treatment mask with added colour pigment to change the tone of blonde hair. Whether you want to warm up your shade with some golden tones or cool it down and neutralise warmth, Oway have six shades to pick from.

Straw Bowl + Brush

If you are creating a custom shade at home, we recommend this sustainably-made straw bowl and brush by Oway - a conscious alternative to your usual plastic colour bowls and a handy tool to have.


if you’re concerned about your pesky greys but would rather avoid the risk of colouring at home, Organic Colour Systems’ RootRemedy is an instant on-the-go root retoucher. Available in three shades, RootRemedy is easy to use - just shake, spray and blend away.

Status Quo Silver Shampoo

An effective shampoo can also help alter the tone of some hair colours. Organic Colour Systems Status Quo Silver Shampoo is a gentle, sulphate-free shampoo designed to neutralise unwanted orange and yellow tones from pre-lightened and white/grey hair. Perfect for those with coloured blonde hair who are looking to change the tone.

Hblonde Hair Bath

Similar to the Status Quo Shampoo, this Hblonde Hair Bath by Oway is an anti-yellow and illuminating sulphate-free shampoo that’s ideal for blonde, lightened, grey and white hair. This product is great if you want to alter the tone of coloured blonde hair whilst still maintaining condition.

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