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Sans [Ceuticals] Cleansing Bars

Sans [Ceuticals] Cleansing Bars

Cleansing needn’t be overcomplicated. This was the thinking behind Sans [Ceuticals] brand new range of natural cleansing bars - two simple, effective and sustainable products that we think will become shower-side staples. These hand-crafted soaps have been formulated with Manuka honey and probiotic ingredients, providing healing and nourishment to all skin types. Cut straight from the mould, Sans have made the soaps with the kind of care and craft they apply to their full range of botanical-based skin and hair care. Available in two varieties - Pink Clay and Green Clay - the cleansing bars come packaged in eco-friendly paper bags printed using vegetable inks.

Clay is known for its ability to draw out impurities and deeply cleanse the skin, whilst keeping healthy pH levels balanced. This makes Sans’ new soaps effective for all areas of the skin - either as a nourishing shower wash, an everyday facial cleanser or just a sink-side treat for tired hands. Made with 100% naturally-derived ingredients, these gentle cleansing bars prove that looking after your skin needn’t be an over-complicated luxury. Find out more below.

Pink Clay Cleansing Bar

A Pink Clay-based cleansing bar formulated with the highest quality ingredients. Manuka Honey helps soothe and heal inflamed skin as well as acting as an antiseptic, making this ideal for sensitive, eczema-prone skin types. Silica-rich Pink Clay improves skin elasticity and encourages cell renewal, as well as acting as a gentle exfoliator, leaving skin smooth and glowing. The Pink Clay Cleansing Bar also contains probiotics, to help maintain a balanced ecosystem in the skin and protect against pollutants and water loss.

Green Clay Cleansing Bar

A Green Clay-based soap to nourish and protect the skin. Manuka Oil helps promote the growth and regeneration of skin cells, as well as being highly anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. French Green Clay acts as an intensely detoxifying cleanser that balances the skin’s pH levels. This Cleansing Bar is ideal for problematic skin types, due to its toxin-targeting qualities and use of probiotics, which help maintain a balanced ecosystem in the skin.

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