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New: Oway

New: Oway

The most recent addition to the Salon and shop, Oway is the first professional haircare range based on zero-mile biodynamic extracts, micronised plants, hydrates and essential oils. Including a range of haircare and styling products from a texturising Sea Salt Spray to a Smoothing Hair range to tame thick or frizzy hair.

Oway have their own 50,000 square metre farm in the hills of Bologna, Italy where they grow a selection of herbs such as rosemary, lemon balm and mint using bio-dynamic methods for use in all their products. Avoiding synthetic minerals fertilisers and chemicals pesticides, Oway farm the land in sync with the cosmic and lunar cycles to ensure the herbs are grown to the highest standards. 

Once farmed, the herbs are distilled locally and transformed into essential oils, hyrolates and extracts that make up the base of their products. Combined with other non-toxic and sustainable ingredients, these formulas ensure Oway's products are effective, gentle and kind to the environment. 

Each Oway product is packaged in 100% recyclable glass and aluminium with minimal plastic use. 

Explore the range here.