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New in: CloudCloth

New in: CloudCloth

The beauty industry is renowned for relying on plastic and single use products, from plastic bottles to ear buds and so at Glasshouse we are on a mission to find brands that are making choices to reduce the environmental impact of our bathroom cupboard. 

One such brand is CloudCloth, a British beauty brand determined to enhance the health of the body and mind without sacrificing the health of our planet. Their hero product, the CloudCloth is a 100% natural cotton cleansing cloth.

The cloth is dual sided, with one ultra-soft cotton side and one textured cotton side, allowing you to tailor your cleansing routine to be gentle or more exfoliating.

When used in conjunction with your cleanser, skin feels clean and polished, maximising the benefits of your cleanser. The soft side of the cleansing cloth is gentle enough to use with your balm cleanser to softly remove eye-makeup and it is a more eco-friendly alternative to cotton wool, whilst the textured side helps to gently get rid of dry skin cells without being abrasive on delicate facial skin.

Every cloth is produced in the North of England in a mill with a long heritage, and are then delicately packed in natural, recyclable packaging. The cloths themselves contain no plastic whatsoever, making your routine as eco-friendly as possible.

A CloudCloth pack contains three of the lightweight, quick-drying and machine washable cloths which can be reused again and again. 

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