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Guy Morgan: Dagger Rose

Guy Morgan: Dagger Rose

The Dagger Rose collection from East London based skincare brand Guy Morgan features a Facial Treatment OilFacial Treatment Balm and most recently a Facial Cleansing Powder, each designed to improve skin firmness, elasticity and to promote a clear skin tone. 

Featuring a based of powerful, cold-pressed, certified organic Rosehip Oil and Rose Otto, both the Oil and the Balm help to reduce fine lines and hyper pigmentation, with antibacterial benefits. The Facial Cleanser also helps to lift and remove impurities, whilst gently exfoliating the skin.

The Oil and Balm both also includes Sea Buckthorn Kernel Oil, to reduce redness and inflammation, Baobab Oil to hydrate the skin and Rasperry Seed Oil for its anti-oxidant and moisturising properties. 

The Facial Treatment Balm is blended with the addition of organic Shea butter for an extra boost of hydration and to create a protective barrier on the skin. The balm can also be used as a multi-purpose balm for dry patches anywhere on the body. 

The Facial Treatment Oil is a more concentrated version of the formula, blended with non-comedogenic ingredients so as not to block any pores. The Oil is lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin, making it suitable for all skin types, even oily. 

The Facial Cleansing Powder is mixed with water and applied to wet skin to create a foaming cleanser that gently removes dirt and impurities. The formula is made with Organic Rosehip, Organic Baobab and Rose Otto to leave skin feeling smooth and clean, whilst also utilising the usually discarded rosehip husks for gentle exfoliation.

Each bottle or jar is made with glass, filled with the hand-crafted formula in Guy's local studio in Hackney, and delivered to us on foot to reduce our environmental output.

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