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Dry Skin Saviours

Dry Skin Saviours

As temperatures outside plummet and our central heating goes into overdrive, this time of year can feel as though there’s no end in sight. When it comes to our beauty routines too, it seems that winter can demand a lot more from the products we’re putting on our skin. Cold air, indoor heat and a lack of sunshine can put the strain right where we can see it - on our face.

We've rounded up our top hydrating and nourishing products to help combat the effects of the weather and keep your skin looking radiant.

Evolve Hyaluronic Serum 200

Gentle and moisturising, hyaluronic acid natural acid can be used in high doses and won’t irritate sensitive skin - making it a universal all-rounder. This product is an excellent winter staple. Don’t be fooled by its lightweight formula, the serum packs a hydration punch.

Guy Morgan Dagger Rose Facial Treatment Balm

Contains ultra-nourishing Rosehip Oil and its thick (but absorbent) balm texture is a step up from a regular moisturiser. Shea butter forms the base of this product, meaning its specifically designed for those areas of intense dryness.

Austin Austin Palmarosa and Vetiver Hand Cream

Being out and about in the cold weather means your hands are more prone to dryness than the rest of your body. Nourish them with this luxurious hand cream, formulated with extracts of plants, grasses, seaweed and algae, specifically chosen to give long-lasting moisturisation and protection to hands.

Evolve Cleansing Melt

Swap your foaming cleanser for this oil based one to avoid stripping your skin of its natural oils and moisture. Made with baobab and Vitamin C for the ultimate skin boost.

Sans [Ceuticals] Activator 7 Body, Hair and Face Oil

A multi-use reparative oil that nourishes from the inside. Blended with Vitamin A to stimulate cell repair and boost skin's elasticity, this oil also contain baobab; a great emollient that helps to lock in moisture.

Feature image by Nadia Ryder.