Embody Your Inner Creator; Drawing & Meditation with Laurie Nouchka

Embody Your Inner Creator; Drawing & Meditation with Laurie Nouchka

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This event is guest hosted by Laurie Nouchka.

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Join Laurie Nouchka for an evening of creativity to experience a deep state of presence, awareness, and calm clarity. Using gentle movement, meditation, breath work & drawing exercises, this workshop aims to deepen our connection to nature, the seasons, one another and, ultimately, to ourselves.

Tuning into our bodies through meditation and breathwork, Laurie will guide you towards a potent practice of utilising drawing and writing as expressive forms.

Under the new moon solar eclipse in Aries, tune in to the full range of your creative expression.

Solar eclipses can bring a potent energy that we will harness as part of this workshop. This new moon in Aries, along with the eclipse, is inviting us to become familiar with and integrate our inherent paradoxical nature. Acknowledging the light and shadow that inhabits us all, we will allow our connection to this to creatively pour out as an expression of our deep devotion to all that we are.

This isn’t about creating something that makes sense or that we view as good or bad, it is about allowing whatever needs to be seen, be seen. You will be held, supported and encouraged with deep care. We will play with and embrace all that arises. There is nothing that cannot be witnessed here.  

In doing so, we have the opportunity to both release out and open up to. Mirroring the cycle of nature, let us see ourselves as her and all that she shows us we can be.

Date: Monday 8th April
Duration: 90 minutes
Time: 6.30 - 8pm
Investment: £30

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No experience of meditation, breathwork or drawing is needed. Just an open heart and a willingness to be the witness.

Materials provided but feel free to bring along your journal or sketchbook if you wish.

Your host: Laurie Nouchka is a visual artist, yoga and meditation teacher and energy therapist. Her practice and guidance is informed by the body, mind, spirituality and nature. Through mediums including drawing, meditation, breath work, talking and writing, she believes we connect deeper to ourselves and the eternal creator within us.